Shimizu Saki (01-12-2016) – Aika and Chinami!

01-12 saki's blog 1

From Saki‘s blog – With Aika!

AiKA (blog post) – Captain wishes Aika a happy birthday in English and Japanese!

Captain mentions that Aika is her junior but is so respected in their firm. Captain describes Aika peppy, and always has the same sparkling smile. Captain thanks Aika for always listening to her and helping and pointing a few things out and to present properly. Captain wants to do go out for food and to do lots of fun things with Aika in the future!

Captain uploads lots of two-shots of her and Aika together!
Also a few with Chinami included in them (*^^*)!

01-12 saki's blog 2 01-12 saki's blog 3 01-12 saki's blog 4 01-12 saki's blog 5 01-12 saki's blog 6 01-12 saki's blog 7 01-12 saki's blog 8 01-12 saki's blog 9 01-12 saki's blog 10 01-12 saki's blog 11———-

01-12 saki's blog 12

From Saki‘s blog – Chinami!

Tokunaga-chan (blog post) – Saki mentions that she ended up talking to Chinami on the TV phone! She thought it was nice to see Chinami doing well! Captain mentions she felt a little anxious since Chinami wanted to go a quiz with her but Captain doesn’t remember much of the grammar. Though it was a word quiz there was one word she didn’t know and the answer ended up being “sunburn.” Captain feels relieved to see that Chinami remained the same!

Captain says it was really nice to see her old friend, and that she wants to look healthy too since Chinami looked quite healthy!


Chinami also mentions their call on her Instagram!

01-12 chinami's instagram

From Chinami‘s Instagram – Chii & Captain!

Chinami mentions that she to talk to Captain through the tv phone. She says it’s been a while since she she seen Captain, Chinami mentions that her bangs look short and that she seems pretty settled.

Bye bye!


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