Shimizu Saki (01-08-2016) – With Mai!

01-08 mai's blog 1

From Mai‘s blog – Yesterday’s time with Saki

Saki appeared on Hagiwara Mai‘s blog!

Mai was very happy to meet up with her older sister, Mai loves Saki!

This is most likely from when Saki said she hung around with Mai during the Hello Con break. They’re pretty close with each other so it’s no wonder Mai calls Saki her older sister.

01-08 mai's blog 2

From Mai‘s blog


01-08 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog – “White Black Thunder” candy

WHITE (blog post) – Yesterday Saki mentioned that her mom went to Singapore and Saki called it USJ but she realizes she made a mistake since USJ is for Universal Studio Japan and she wonders if she puts an “S” instead for USS Universal Studio Singapore since it’s Singapore?

Saki has another souvenir story, she received a souvenir from when she went on a trip to the office in Hokkaido. The candy is called “White Black Thunder” Saki really likes them and is pretty happy to receive them.

Bye bye!


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