Wada Ayaka (01-06-2016) – Haro Sute #150

01-06 sakis blog

From Saki‘s blog – Saki with Ayaka and Akari

Ayaka appeared on Shimizu Saki‘s blog!
Saki just says that her juniors are just so cute!


Hello Con and bowls (blog post) – Ayaka mentions that this weekend’s Hello Concerts have ended and the week has started. The other day she had her first dream of the year, she thought it was a good dream and she won’t be able to forget it. There was a cup that she likes, she was looking at the cup at museum and suddenly it became a bowl! How nice she thought! Though because she didn’t know the type of the cup she’s not able to study on it.

Also, her favorite range of art has also appeared in her dream!


ANGERME has a New Years message on this week’s episode of Haro Sute, along with the performance of “Tomo yo” from Hello! Project 2016 WINTER Concerts!

01-06 harosute1 01-06 harosute2 01-06 harosute3———

This is week’s Pocket Morning Q&A is also up on Hello! Online.

01-06 morning pocketThere isn’t much of a surprise there!

Bye bye!


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