Shimizu Saki (01-04-2016) – Uki!

01-04 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog – Uki!

Uki! (blog post) – Saki says everybody has been working hard since work started again! Uki!


The theater (blog post) – After watching yesterday’s performance of the Hello! Pro Concerts, she went to go see the Ginhannen raising performances “Jiasu Art Neorain sacred creation ~The old man who was younger than everyone else~” in the Shimokitazawa Handagekijo theater (in Setsgaya, Tokyo).

She has become very indebted with the barley tea from the adults that Kazutoshi Yokoyama-san has cast. Although yesterday was the last performance, everything from the video was amazing. Saki really felt the beauty of the precise acting the actors have done. Saki says there was some really funny parts but by the time it finished you’ll most likely somehow cry. She felt a nice presence from the stage.

Saki is one to go to these performances and movies by herself. She thanks everyone for a wonderful time!

01-04 saki theaterNot too sure where this photo came from but I’m sure it’s from backstage with some of the actors.

*Also, just want to note that this translation was a small section from her blog post that I paraphrased. My current Japanese isn’t so strong to translate the whole thing but I hope you enjoy the general feeling of her theater experience!


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