Shimizu Saki (01-03-2016) – Two-shots with Maimi!

2016-01-03 saki's blog

From Saki‘s blog – With Yajima Maimi

Speaking of the New Year? (blog post) – Saki went to yesterday’s Hello! Project concert! Saki could feel the love and excitement by the fans gathered in the venue so early in the year, she had a really great time!

Saki mentions the new audition for Morning Musume ’16’s 13th generation, she’s really looking forward to seeing Hello! Project rapidly evolve. She congratulates good work to Hello! Project’s leader! She took a picture with the H!P’s leader after the concert.


Saki appeared Maimi’s blog too!

2016-01-03 maimi's blog

From Maimi‘s blog – Height difference!

Attention! (blog post) – Maimi just mentions the second day of the H!P concerts has ended! Maimi mentions that Saki came to watch their performances. Maimi felt really happy about it! Becuase of Maimi wearing heels, there was a great difference in height between her and Saki. Maimi says Saki’s feeling of size is just so cute! The comments Maimi got on LINE too made her feel really happy. Maimi feels very thankful that Saki came to watch over Hello! Pro.

Bye bye!


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