Wada Ayaka (01-02-2015) – Two-shot’s with Morning Musume OG Members + New e-Line Up Goods!

2016-01-02 Ai's instagram

From Takahashi Ai‘s Instagram

Dawa appeared on Ai-chan’s Instagram!
Ai-chan says she loves Dawa! And that she’s sercretly a huge ANGERME fan!


2016-01-02 aika's blog 1

From Mitsui Aika‘s blog

Dawa appeared on Aika‘s blog too!

Aika sayas Dawa is so cute! She just loves Dawa’s friendly smile, Aika thinks it’s just so cute! Aika also took a picture with ANGERME’s adult team. She wishes them luck with their live tour!

2016-01-02 aika's blog 2

From Aika‘s blog – Aika with Ayaka, Kana, and Akari


Ayaka also appeared on Meimi‘s blog!

2016-01-02 meimi's blog

From Meimi‘s blog – 2nd gen + Ayaka

Meimi just talks about how her graduation date is May 30th and will be at Nippon Budokan! She wants everyone to come and root for ANGERME.


Ayaka made her blog post today too!

Hello Con, Live Tour, Nippon Budokan! (blog post) – Ayaka says that was the first day of the Hello! Pro concerts and that it was so fun! Having to sing songs with people she really likes in the Hello Concerts, her joy can not be written. When she’s singing, her face is non-stop grinning. With many songs being sung for the first time in a time, because she loves them so much she can’t help but hum along!

Also!! ANGERME’s Hall Concert tour has been announced! Ayaka is really happy! Not just live house venues, but hall venues too, Ayaka is truly glad! It’s their first time to do a hall concert tour in the spring! Ayaka is super happy!

If ANGERME keeps rapidly envolving, Ayaka wants hall tours to be a common thing. The tours name is “Kyuui Ittai” Also, on May 30th, it’s be ANGERME’s Concert Tour 2016 Haru “Kyuui Ittai” ~ Tamura Meimi’s Graduation special~ at Nippon Budokan. Ayaka wants everybody to send Meimi off with a smile, so please smile! Ayaka also wants everybody to look forward to their upcoming lives!


2016-01-02 radio show

From Ayaka‘s Radio Show’s Twitter

She talks about her recent visit to Tokyo’s National Museum where she seen the First Qin Emperor and large Terracotta Warriors! The display is until February 21st!


Here some live photos from the COUNTDOWN Live!

2016-01-02 countlive 1 2016-01-02 countlive 2———

Also, a few more from today’s Hello! Project concert!

2016-01-02 winter 1

From MANTANWEB 2016-01-02 winter 52016-01-02 winter 2 2016-01-02 winter 4

I’m not too sure where these photos came from but they look to be for the press. The Hello! Project leaders with the three new members of 2016!


During today’s Hello! Project’s 2016 WINTER performance, Ayaka performed GAM’s “Thanks!” with Yajima Maimi (℃-ute).

Here is the original if you wanted to listen to it!


Lastly, here are Ayaka’s newest goods on e-Line UP from the Hello! Project’s 2016 WINTER concert!

2016-01-02 elineup 1

Hello! Project DVD Magazine vol.48

2016-01-02 elineup 2

Hello! Project 2016 WINTER Visual Book

2016-01-02 elineup 3


2016-01-02 elineup 4

ANGERME Wristband

2016-01-02 elineup 5

ANGERME Microfiber towel

2016-01-02 elineup 6

ANGERME Muffler towel

2016-01-02 elineup 7


2016-01-02 elineup 8

Ayaka 2L set

2016-01-02 elineup 9

Hello! Project Off-shot L set C

2016-01-02 elineup 10

Hello! Project Collection photos – part 1

2016-01-02 elineup 11

Hello! Project Pin-up posters – part 1

2016-01-02 elineup 12

Hello! Project Clearfiles – part 1

Bye bye!

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