Shimizu Saki (01-02-2016) – Monkey 2!

2016-01-02 saki 1

From Saki‘s blog – Monkey deserted

I’m actually not too sure what Saki is saying in this blog post, but I’ll edit this if I figure it out later. She did however post more pictures of her in her Monkey costume! In the first picture she said the monkey is deserted, and in the second picture the monkey is found!

2016-01-02 saki 2

From Saki‘s blog – Monkey Found!


Kurumi (blog post) – Saki captures this years one-shot of her dog Kurumi, who she calls Kuu-chan. Saki thinks she’s just so cute!

I’m only posting one picture of Kurumi but there’s about 8 of them on her blog.

2016-01-02 kurumi

From Saki‘s blog – Kuu-chan!

Bye bye!


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