[EDIT] Morning Musume ’16 Announces Audition for their 13th Generation!

MorningMusume 16It has been announced at the first day of Hello! Project’s 2016 WINTER Concert that Morning Musume ’16 will be holding an audition for their 13th Generation!

Not much details have been announced yet nor does the audition have an official site, but so far they’re asking for girls to be between the ages of 10-17! The audition is called “Morning Musume。’16 Shinseiki Audition.”

[EDIT] Translated qualification by Mr.A on JPLOP.
They want someone who loves to sing and dance, someone who believes in their future, someone who wants to test out their potential, someone who wants to find their new self, and girls who love Morning Musume more than anything else.

MorningMusume 16 1

Photos and info are from UP-FRONT LINKs official Facebook page!

This news is a bit shocking for me, I literally just finished saying that I hoped Morning Musume wouldn’t get a new generation this year since they seem to be a big enough group right now but I guess it’s happening anyway. I’m just assuming here, but I would have to say that the new members probably won’t be announced until later in the year and will probably get to debut with Morning Musume ’17. I can only assume since that’s what they did with the 12th Generation.

There are a few Hello! Pro Kenshuusei members that fit well with the qualifications that I’m hoping will be able to debut in Morning Musume.

kenshuuseiFrom the top row, Kaga Kaede (age 16), Inoue Hikaru (age 15), Yokogawa Yumei (age 16).
From the bottom row, Danbara Ruru (age 14), Akiyama Mao (age 13), and Onoda Saori (age 14).

Like usual though, I would be quite happy with any Kenshuusei able to debut in Hello! Project groups, these 6 six girls are just my most favorites.

I’m guessing since Morning Musume just lost their ace they’re trying to find a new one to replace Riho, though there are plenty of other members currently in Morning Musume that they can choose from to become the new center. To be honest though, I’m not very excited about this audition since I don’t really think it’s really needed and I think the line-up is fine as it is right now. It can’t be helped though, it has been announced.

Good luck to any girls who decide to audition!

MorningMusume 16 2Now playing: Yume de Do Up – Berryz Koubou

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