Wada Ayaka (01-01-2016) – Peaberry + New Webshop Items!

2016-01-01 ayaka's blog

From Ayakas blog – With Sayashi Riho (Peaberry)

Countdown (blog post) – Yesterday was the part 1 and 2 of the countdown lives, by the end of it, is was about 10 hours long. Ayaka thanks everyone who have went and everyone who watched the live viewing.

In one part of the concerts, Ayaka was able to preform with Morning Musume ’15’s Sayashi Riho as Peaberry a little before her graduation. Ayaka was very happy to be able to sing as Peaberry. When she was singing and where she stood she got the goose bumps.

To Yasshi, cheers for all your good work. Rest slowly! In the future, I’ll support you! Also, as Peaberry, I’ll be waiting for the day where we can sing together again. Truly, cheers for all your hard work and congratulations on your graduation!

Ayaka says the Peaberry costumes have different shapes to them but they still match. It was January 1st during part 2! Happy New Year! Since Ayaka is of age she was able to be out during the part 2 performances. Thanks to that Ayaka says she got a nice start to 2016.

She loved watching the her favorite favorite Morning Musume OG members Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, and Mitsui Aika performing on stage, that started in 2016. From the time of rehearsal to watching from the audience the tears have come out when they came on stage, Ayaka was just so happy. They sang her favorite Platinum era songs. She just really loves them!

They had special seats by the running sleeve. Ayaka says was dancing by herself! She just got in a dancing mood together with the performers. She felt really really happy! She even feels incredibly happy while writing this blog post. The performance was just so cute and really cool! Ayaka was even able to get pictures together with Ai-chan, Gaki-san and Aika! So far in 2016, there is no regrets for her!

Anyway! Ayaka says she’ll just leave you this report! As for 2016, please treat her well! Oh yeah! Buono! gotten a Nippon Budokan performance! Ayaka wants to watch from the arena seats!! Hello! Project is truly the best!

2016-01-01 ayaka's blog 2

From Ayaka‘s blog – Ayaka with OG members


Ayaka also appeared in a two-shot with Niigaki Risa on her Instagram!

2016-01-01 risa's instagram

From Risa‘s Instagram

Risa says Dawa is just so cute! Dawa came running to Risa and asked “Niigaki-san let’s take a picture together please” Risa is happy to have such lovely juniors.


Meimi also uploaded a picture of Ayaka today!

2016-01-01 meimi's blog

From Meimi‘s blog

I think Meimi’s making a joke with this photo, the photo above it is Akari edited from a new make-up app Meimi got then she posts this picture of Dawa.


ANGERME appeared on the official YouTube of JIJIPRESS with a New Years message!

2016-01-01 jijipress———

Lastly, lots of new items are now available on the web shop!

2016-01-01 - webshop1

ANGERME B6 Book Cover

2016-01-01 - webshop2

Ayaka + 2nd Gen January L set – Available until January 31st!

2016-01-01 - webshop3

Ayaka 2016 Winter L set – Available until March 7th

2016-01-01 - webshop4

ANGERME 2016 Winter Group 2L photo – Available until March 7th

2016-01-01 - webshop5

Ayaka + 2nd Gen Happy New Year L set – Available until March 7th

2016-01-01 - webshop6

Ayaka + 2nd Gen Okemashita Omedetogozaimasu! L set – Available until March 7th

2016-01-01 - webshop7

Ayaka mini flag

2016-01-01 - webshop8

Ayaka New Year Wood Plaque 2016

2016-01-01 - webshop9

Ayaka New Year badge set

2016-01-01 - webshop10

Ayaka Celebration Thank you card

Bye bye!


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