Shimizu Saki (12-31-2015) – 2015 ♡

2015-12-31 chinami's blog 1

From Chinami‘s blog – Berryz Koubou

2015 (blog post) – Chinami talks about how this year Berryz Koubou has stopped their activites on March 3rd, and Chinami has been supported by fans in various new ways. Chinami just mostly talks about spending New Years overseas for the first time. She does however share quite a bit of Berryz Koubou photos!

2015-12-31 chinami's blog 2 2015-12-31 chinami's blog 3 2015-12-31 chinami's blog 4 2015-12-31 chinami's blog 5———

Maasa also shared an older picture of Berryz Koubou!

2015-12-31 maasa's blog

From Maasa‘s blog


2015 (Saki‘s blog post) – Among her own life this year Saki recalls that this year was an important year and thinks of this year as a year of change. Berryz Koubou’s activities has stopped. Until the change in her environment Saki felt honestly confused, but throughout that period she received such warm thoughts and comments from fans on her blog and through fan letters. She wondered how she come to spend the rest of the year but she felt great magnitude from her fans existence! She says not many have the opportunity to meet with fans after their activities have stopped, she’s very happy to received so much gratitude from everyone cheering her on.

Also, since she was been studying as an adviser since April, she feels that you don’t really get to see all her work she does with the staff. There was a lot of people in the office who offered her kind advice, that has been saved into her heart and it has become a great vitality for her. She’s very thankful for them. For herself it was a big decision to be learning so much new things and she thinks if it wasn’t for this year she wouldn’t be able to grow more as a person.

Saki doesn’t specifically know what will happen as next as a full-time adviser but by the time 2016 is over she wants to look back and think “What an eventful yearr!”

Thank you 2015! ♡

Bye bye!

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