Shimizu Saki (12-28-2015) – So cold!

2015-12-28 saki

From Saki‘s blog – With some milk tea!

Do not let gooo (blog post) – Saki mentions that Tokyo has been cold like everyday! She’s definitely trembling from the cold! Recently she buys a hot drinks and never wants to let them go. Her favorite is milk tea!

She wonders if the students are having a wonderful winter break, and if the adults got paid for their winter break too.


Saki appeared on Chinami‘s instagram!

懐かしい動画!笑 今思うと清水ちゃん、よく一緒に相手してくれたな。笑 #清水佐紀 #おぱょ!

A post shared by 徳永 千奈美 (@chinami.tokunaga) on

Chinami mentions that this is a nostalgic video, when she thinks about it, Chinami thinks she partners really well with Captain!

Bye bye!


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