Shimizu Saki (12-27-2015) – Hello! Project Rehearsals

2015-12-27 haro con

From Sakis blog – Saki observing H!P concert rehearsals

Hello Concerts (blog post) – Saki says the Hello!Project 2016 WINTER~DANCING! SINGING! EXCITING!~ concerts have been doing their dress rehearsal. This time, after a long time it was the first pattern, she says it was in amazing volume! It’s going to be the main focus and Saki hopes everyone will do the member chants!

The new member of ANGERME Kamikokuryo Moe, plus the new 7nin Country Girls has been getting a lot attention so far from the staff!

Captain posts a picture of her watching the rehearsals and it was taken without her realizing.
She notes that concerts will beginning on January 2nd in 7 large cities!

Captain hopes everyone will come when the New Year begins!


2015-12-26 cake

From Saki‘s blog – cake from the office

A late blog post from yesterday (12-26-2015).

cake (blog post) – Saki received some cake at the office yesterday! Without being wordy Saki says the cake was modestly sweet on the tongue. There is still something sweet about LOVE! Captain says the cake was delicious and is thankful for it.

Bye bye!


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