Wada Ayaka (12-26-2015) – Date with Haruna + New Webshop photos!

2015-12-26 haruna's blog

From Harunas blog – Finally had their gift exchange!

Ayaka appeared on Haruna’s blog!

Yaaaay! – Haruna mentions that she was able to meet with Ayaka today and they were able to do their Christmas gift exchange! They even shared a Christmas cake together, which was Tiramisu! She had Suzuki Kanon to take the picture.

Haruna asked what they’re combo name be called? Ayaka said “Tiramisu” in a split second! Kanon have said “I’m a fan of Tiramisu!”

Haruna wonders when their next meeting will be, her and Ayaka have been talking nonstop! She’s going to think of a perfect time when they can play again.


Some new L photo sets are available on the webshop!

2015-12-26 new webstore 2

Wada Ayaka “S/mileage / ANGERME SELECTION ALBUM ‘Taiki Bansei'” set 1

2015-12-26 new webstore 1

Wada Ayaka “S/mileage / ANGERME SELECTION ALBUM ‘Taiki Bansei'” set 2

Each set costs 616 yen each and they’re available until February 29!
Get them while they last!


2015-12-26 radio

b From Ayaka’s Radio show Twitter

Not too sure what the tweet says since I can’t really get a good translation for it but it’s something along the line that Ayaka has forgotten the time of rhythm while on radio. She even drew a photo of her forgetting and a staff telling her rhythm.

 Bye bye!


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