Wada Ayaka (12-25-2015) – Two-shot with Haruna + ZIP Interview!

2015-12-25 haruna's blog

From Haruna‘s blog – Two-shot in their Christmas outfits!

Ayaka appears on Haruna’s blog! Haruna also mentions that her and Ayaka haven’t met with each other in a real long time! Tomorrow they’ll have their gift exchange! Haruna wants to meet with Ayaka very soon!

2015-12-25 haruna's blog2

From Haruna‘s blog – From the looks of it, this picture must have been taken when they were on FNS Musical Festival

I’m not too sure where these next photos come from since I couldn’t find them anywhere besides the picture board on Hello! Online, but they look like they could be from Haruna’s blog as well!

2015-12-25 haruna's blog4 2015-12-25 haruna's blog3———

Speaking of Haruna! Ayaka also appeared on Haruna’s WEAR account!

2015-12-25 haruna's wear

From Haruna‘s WEAR – More Christmas outfit shots!


Lastly, here is the YouTube version of ANGERME’s spot on ZIP!

For the most part they just talk about how they’re image and sound changed when they changed their name to ANGERME. In the beginning of the video, the announcer mentions their #2 spot on the Oricon charts with their newest single!

Here are some screenshots!

2015-12-25 zip1 2015-12-25 zip2

Bye bye!


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