Shimizu Saki (12-25-2015) – Christmas Date!

2015-12-25 christmas

From Sakis blog – Saki with Santa Claus

Merry X’mas – Saki wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

She also mentions that this time of year the Berryz members would exhange at the Hello! Project concert rehearsals but this year there was none. She had a thought and wondered if after a long time they’ll enjoy Christmas, she said this Christmas was a bit lonely but she hopes everyone had an enjoyable day.

Yesterday she got a picture taken with Santa Claus! Though she didn’t get a gift.

2015-12-25 christmas 2

From Saki‘s blog – With E-chan!

Date – Yesterday she had a date with someone she really likes! E-chan Captain calls her! (To me, it kinda looks like ℃-ute OG member Umeda Erika!) They had a Samgyeopsal date!

Captain says Christmas Eve is lonely with just one person and she wasn’t happy about it. It’s a bit early but she thanks E-chan for her annual get together! Captain wishes best regards for the new year!

Bye bye!

p.s. Not too sure you guys noticed, but I decided to do Captain’s posts daily too!


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