Wada Ayaka (12-24-2015) – Fun at Rehearsals!

2015-12-24 rinne twitter

From Yoshida Rinne‘s Twitter – Rinne with Ayaka

Yoshia Rinne tweeted a picture with Ayaka! Rinne said she gotten a CD from Ayaka, she says it’s the best that it’s very cool and cute!



From Ayaka‘s blog (3-21-2015)

Happy~! (blog post) – Ayaka talks about yesterday’s live broadcast on the radio and says it was lots of fun, she also said there was a recording of Bijurumu (?)! The Bijurumu (?) staff promised to go to a museum together, but this time of year everywhere is full of lovers, but Ayaka is happy anyway!

Afterwards they got a coverage spot on Nippon TV’s ZIP! Tomorrow is when the broadcast will be on TV! Ayaka certainly hopes you’ll please wait to watch it! She’s feeling very happy!


2015-12-24 akari's blog 1

From Akari‘s blog – 8nin ANGERME with Yoshida Rinne

Akari talks about the radio show and ZIP broadcasts from the other day! She also says the group they’re pictured with is nanoCUNE! Plus she posted a new photo with Yoshida Rinne!

2015-12-24 akari's blog 2

From Akari‘s blog – 8nin ANGERME with nanoCUNE


2015-12-24 blog photo

From Ayaka‘s blog

Christmasy (blog post) – Ayaka talks about how it is now Christmas! Even though it is Christmas they had rehearsal, and during the break she was chatting with Morning Musume ’15’s Iikubo Haruna! They did not run out of stories with each other! She says it was so much fun but they didn’t have enough time before they they had to rehearse again but she hopes she can play with Haruna very soon!

She relizes that she can’t next week since Morning Musume ’15’s new single releases, it’s just impossible! But between rehearsal and the Hello Project concerts, she wants to chat full blast with Haruna!! Tomorrow she’ll be exchanging gifts with Haruna! It’ll truly be fun!

She shares a photo that’s from the car ride to yesterday’s job! She thinks the Omotesando (?) illumation is very amazing! Since there’s little to go from Harajuku to Ometesando, illumation has become a thing! Because of the crowds she doesn’t think it’ll be good to see on her own but she still thought it was very beautiful!

Bye bye!


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