Shimizu Saki (12-24-2015) – Christmas Eve!

2015-12-24 maasa's blog

From Maasas blog

Maasa posts a picture of Berryz Koubou in their Christmas costumes from last year!


2015-12-24 eve with chinami 1

From Saki‘s blog – Last year picture with Chinami

Eve (blog post) – Saki wishes a Merry Christmas! She also hopes you’ll be healed with this picture! Captain is going to do her best at work!

2015-12-24 eve with chinami 2

From Saki‘s blog – Another (unedited) picture with Chinami


2015-12-24 candy

From Saki‘s blog – Her candy!

Really? (blog post) – Saki recently got some candy! She was speaking to someone and thet said that the first one is very popular! Captain have heard that before and wonders if it’s true.


Captain appears in this week’s GREEN ROOM episode during the Kenshuusei rehearsal! As an adviser, she mostly work’s with the Kenshuuseis and seems to be observing their rehearsal.

2015-12-24 green room

Bye bye!

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