Shimizu Saki (12-23-2015) – Fun with Chinami ♩

2015-12-18 Saki - Chinami (1)

From Sakis blog – With Tokunaga Chinami

December 18th (blog post) – Captain shares some photos with Chinami before her she leaves for her studies overseas. She says Chinami kept approaching the camera more and more! Captain also enjoyed the nice weather in Tokyo ☼!!

2015-12-18 Saki - Chinami (2)

From Saki‘s blog – With Chinami again


2015-12-19 Saki - Chinami

From Chinami‘s Instagram – Disney Date

December 19th (Chinami‘s Instagram) – Captain is featured in this post with Chinami, it looks like they went to a Disney park together! Chinami just says that she loves Disney and hashtags the you’re watching Disney but writes it in Japanese since she doesn’t know it in English but mentions it’s still fun and that she’s happy. No comment about Captain, but the picture together is just as cute!

2015-12-19 new nails

From Saki‘s blog – Captain’s new nails!

New NAiL ♩ (blog post) – Captain gets a manicure! Nothing too exciting but she just thanks Chieko-san (I’m guessing her nail artisit) and says she’ll see her next year! I think Captains nails look very cute and like little bunny tails.


2015-12-21 saki - meimi

From Saki‘s blog – With Tamura Meimi

December 21st – Graduation (blog post) – Captain talks about recent news, Meimi’s gradution in the spring. She sincerely wants Meimi to complete her goal since she can really see her love for musicals. Saki wants to watch Meimi closely until her graduation day!


2015-12-22 gm

From Saki‘s blog

December 22nd – gm (blog post) – Captain says it’s pretty cold if you’re not in your futon. It’s just so comfortably warm ♩! She shares a picture of herself 🙂 !! She also mentions that this is the time of year when you drink with friends and cations everybody not to drink so much!

2015-12-22 lunch

From Sakis blog – Second post of the day!

lunch (blog post) – Her lunch today was Goemon (I think it’s restaurant in Ginza?). She’s thankful for the meal and says it was very delicious today!


2015-12-23 heart

From Sakis blog

December 23rd (blog post) – Captain says that the contents she wrote in blog post when she went to Amuro-san’s LIVE has appeared in a Nikkan Sports net article!

She hopes it wasn’t something of a bother but she says thank you! And Captain wonders if her love for Amuro-san will be transmitted to her ♡!! Captain says there is just so much happiness!!! Captain posts a picture of her wearing the T-shirt from the live! She was also wearing the neck towel during the live!

Bye bye!


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