Wada Ayaka (12-21-2015) – About Tamura Meimi + Magazine Scans!

2015-12-21 rina's blog

From Rinas blog – After the Christmas Event

Rina is first to blog today and she just thanks everybody who came to their Christmas event, Moe joined them during the MC’s. The staff gave them some cake after the event


2015-12-21 meimi's blog

From Meimi‘s blog – Graduation Announcement

Meimi just talks about her announcement about her graduation, she doesn’t say much else about it besides that you can just read her reasons on the Hello! Project website.


2015-12-21 ayacho's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog

Ayaka formally address Meimi’s decision to graduate. Ayaka says like everybody else she was shocked by this announcement. The muscial loving member Meimi, Ayaka finds when Meimi talks about musicals it’s very intersting. Though Ayaka is a little frustrated that she won’t be staying in ANGERME, these few days were full of mixed feelings for her.

Ayaka says it’s just simply lonely and sad just by announcing the graduation. She questions “What is ANGERME?”  So she starting to think more about various things, she doesn’t know for how many days.

During that time she would listen to many Morning Musume’s songs, when she was listening to her most favorite Plantium 9 song, she was convinced. When she comes to think about it, she loves Hello! Project. Being in ANGERME, and listening to Morning Musume’s songs, this is what she wants to do, it was a reconfirmation that she is here.

Meimi’s graduation, and for her, she’s thinking of big and great things to do. But Meimi is Meimi, and Ayaka is Ayaka. That’s when it became clear for Ayaka, what she wants to do is cheer on Meimi with a smile until the very end! That’s what she thinks!

Ayaka wants everybody to look forward to them during the remaining time with Meimi.
She mentions the Christmas Event they had yesterday and says it was so much fun! With everybosy like this, she wants to spend lots of fun times with them!

“If we spend time together, let’s enjoy it” will be her motto!

(Just wanna mention that this translation might not be perfect, so if you see any mistakes please feel free to tell me! This is also more of paraphrasing than anything else. Here is a more accurate blog translation).


There’s a new video on Up-Front’s official YouTube feature ANGERME!
Hello! Project’s Rehearsal Diary ~ANGERME~

Ayaka mentions that this is their first concert with new member, Kamikokuryo Moe! Near the end she always mentions that there will be some new shuffle units. Meimi also gets to talk and does confirm that this is her last Hello! Project concert!

2015-12-21 rehearsal screenshots 1———

Here are some more photos from their Christmas Event!

2015-12-21 Kana's blog

From Kana‘s blog

2015-12-21 ayacho's blog

From Mizuki‘s blog – Mizuki posts the same group picture as Ayaka

2015-12-21 mc's blog

Not too sure where this photo is from


ANGERME has been featured in CDJournal!
Here are some scans of the magazine from the picture board in Hello! Online.

2015-12-21 cdjoural1 2015-12-21 cdjoural2 2015-12-21 cdjoural3 2015-12-21 cdjoural4 2015-12-21 cdjoural5 2015-12-21 cdjoural6 2015-12-21 cdjoural7 2015-12-21 cdjoural8 2015-12-21 cdjoural9

Bye bye!

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