Wada Ayaka (12-20-2015) – Christmas Event ✩

2015-12-20 christmas live (1)

From UP-FRONT LINK‘s Facebook page – Meimi’s graduation announcement

In recent news, Tamura Meimi has announced her graduation from ANGERME and Hello! Project at ANGERME’s 2015 Christmas Event. I can’t seem to find the track list from the event but if I do I’ll edit this post. Dawa hasn’t said anything on her blog about this announcement yet.

2015-12-20 christmas live (2)

From UP-FRONT LINKs Facebook page – ANGERME Performing


2015-12-20 mizuki's blog

From Mizuki‘s blog – Another group picture from the FNS music festival

Mizuki mentions that ANGERME had their first rehearsal with new member Kamikokuryo Moe today!

I’m assuming Moe’s first performance with the group will be at Hello! Project’s 2016 WINTER concert tour, might be the reason why she was practicing Taiki Bansei in the recent GREEN ROOM episode. I’m also guessing that this Hello! Project will be Meimi’s last before her graduation.


2015-12-20 ssr tap card

From Hello! Pro Tap Live Tumblr fanpage – SSR Christmas card

There seems to be a new SSR Wada Ayaka card in a Christmas outfit for the app game Hello! Pro Tape Live.

I don’t really play this game but I’ll still be posting her new cards here too! I really like the design of this card but I don’t really think it looks a whole like her, but it’s still pretty cute!

Bye bye!

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