Wada Ayaka (12-18-2015) – Upcoming Interview + New Web Shop Photo!

2015-12-18 Ayaka - Kana - Meimi - Rikako

From BOUQUET 編集部 Twitter Page – Ayaka with Kana, Rikako, and Meimi

The idol magazine “BOUQUET” was able to do an interview with Ayaka, Kana, Meimi, and Rikako. The person who interviewed them thanked them and says they were so cute ♡


2015-12-18 Ayaka - webstore

New Web Shop L Photo – Merry Christmas 2015 Message

Ayaka got a new L photo available for sale on the official Hello! Project web shop with a Merry Christmas message for 2015. This photo expires on February 22nd 2016 so it gives fans some time to get it while supplies last.


Ayaka also gets a short camo in UF Goods Land’s newest video promoting e-line up’s 2015 special thanks sale. Nothing too interest up for sale besides Hello Pro boxed tissue and DVD Magazine’s from the summer concerts.

12-18-2015 Ayaka (1)While there was some preview of backstage footage of Hello! Pro members, I couldn’t spot Ayaka any where else besides in this little preview, but you can see some footage of other ANGERME members so it’s still worth checking out this quick video.

12-18-2015 ANGERME

Bye bye!


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