Country Girls Adds Two New Members.

12191471_953568291370511_866951929506251293_nIt has been announced the other day at Country Girls’ 1st anniversary event that Country Girls have added two new members! From the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei program Funaki Musubu and Yanagawa Nanami have been added to this fresh new group.

12188975_953612554699418_4759495761682207147_n 12189879_953613128032694_4393642923245278109_n

(Nanami on the left & Musubu on the right)

Just a little information about the girls. Both girls are 13-years-old, Nanami’s birthday is January 7th while Musubu’s birthday is May 10th. Nanami is from Kanagawa while Musubu is from Osaka. If we’re taking about their colours, I’m hoping Musubu will be purple and Nanami light blue. I just feel like those colours will match the girls quite well, but I could be dead wrong, I guess we’ll just have to find out as time goes by.

This news was quite surprising since it wasn’t really announced that new members will join, it was just like surprise here are some new girls! I’m not saying that I didn’t expect new girls to join Country Girls, I have wondered if they would add new members these past few weeks but I didn’t expect my predictions to come true so quick. I was just thinking that if Momoko ever decides to leave Country Girls, that would only leave four girls and that’s a bit of a low number for Hello! Pro groups these days.

I’m actually quite happy about the new members though since both girls have been Kenshuusei’s that I really liked for a while now. Musubu has been one of my favorites for a long time now and I’ve come to love Nanami more recently. If Kaga Kaede debuts somewhere then I’ll be all set and extremely happy to see all my favorite Kenshuusei’s debut ❤ !!

12187680_953602658033741_2437906850685050285_nI’m looking forward to see how these new members do within Country Girls, everyone please welcome the new girls with open arms~

Just another little thing about Country Girls, it is rumored that they have a new single. They have sung two new songs at their event but it’s not confirmed if it’s a single or not yet so let’s stay tuned to see where that goes.


Anywho! Sorry for the slight delay in reporting this news about Country Girls but I currently have no internet at my house so I have to go my Grandmothers for my internet needs and I’ve just got the free time to come over today, hopefully I’ll get it back soon (*^^*)!!

Before I go, please remember that there’s a petition to try and get ℃-ute to come to Canada! Please sign and share if have not yet (^^)!!

{ ute for Canada Petition }

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