Sayashi Riho to Graduate from Morning Musume ’15.

Sayashi Riho-582967It has been announced today that Sayashi Riho will graduate from Morning Musume ’15 on December 31st 2015 to pursue her aspirations of learning more dancing skills and to study English aboard. Official statements from UP-FRONT LINK’s facebook page, a comment from Hello! Project’s leader Yajima Maimi, and a comment from Sayashi herself will be stated below.

Thank you for your continued support towards Morning Musume。’15.

Today, Riho Sayashi has announced she will graduated from Morning Musume。’15 on December 31st in her blog post.

Riho became a 9th generation member and made her debut with “Majidesuka Suka” in 2011 and continued her carrier until now.

She said she wants to devote herself to her progress in dancing, and she talked about this matter many times. With her consent, we came to this conclusion.

Riho will graduate from Morning Musume。but she will be a Hello! Project’s member after the graduation.

Before flying with her own wings, we will watch her with this new challenge.

Until her Morning Musume。’15’s graduation as a member, she will continue to perform much more during the current tour and during the other activities.

Please continue to support Morning Musume。’15 and assist Riho Sayashi in the future.



Riho 13

Thank you for your continued support towards Morning Musume。’15.

I have to make an announcement to all of you.

I, Riho Sayashi,

Will graduate from Morning Musume。 on December 31st of this year.

Since kindergarten, I wanted to take part at the group Morning Musume。 and I became a member when I was 12 years. During 5 years, I started with Tsunku♂-san and continued until now with the support of many staff, with all the Morning Musume。 and Hello! Project members, and more than anything, with the fans.

However, I thought during this year many times about continuing like this in my future life.

As a human alone, I started to think if there were things that I have to experience in order to live strongly?

I have discussed many times with the people of the company, and I decided to graduate after I checked the growth of the 12th generation kohai (“kohai” means “juniors” here) this year.

Concerning the day of my graduation, I had the privilege on deciding the graduation on the last day of the “Morning Musume。’15” on December 31st during the Countdown Live.

Concerning the Morning Musume。’s tour, the last performances will be on December 7th and 8th at the Budokan.

I am really sorry for the abrupt news.

I think this is quite a surprise.

But until now, inside of me, it has worried me.

And it has led me to this decision.

From now, I think I want to study abroad and learn more English and dance.

Then with those experiences I will mature much more, and I will try my best to come back as soon as possible.

There are 2 months left until then, but until this moment with all the members I will do everything we have to do for “Morning Musume。’15”.

Until December 31st, I want to run through everything with all my power so please continue to support me!

Riho Sayashi


blog, Sayashi Riho, Yajima Maimi-340725

I think there are people who are already aware,

but Morning Musume。’15’s Sayashi Riho has announced on her own blog that she will be graduating from Morning Musume。 on December 31st of this year.

It’s sudden, so I think people are surprised and upset.

But for me, who has seen how strong her sense of responsibility is and how stoic she is from up close as a member of Hello! Project,
I felt like it was a very characteristic decision by her.

She’s loved dance since the beginning and her skill level is high,
so surely she wants to go overseas to expand the breadth of her skills beyond that of Hello! Project.

For everyone, I’m sure that it’s sad and you can’t overcome your feelings when a member you support graduates,
but I think deciding to level up your life experiences and skill is a really positive thing.

Not just her English and dancing,
but I feel like she’ll come back one or two levels more mature due to her experiences in a new environment overseas.

It takes a lot of courage to make a decision to change your current circumstances,
and I’m sure she’s uneasy about leaving Japan.

I want us in Hello! Project to support her decision and encourage her.

The rest of us will have to liven up Hello! Project so as not to lose to the girl working hard overseas,
and I want to make it into place that she can return to relieved.

There’s only 2 months remaining, and it’s a short time,
but let’s support the girl who was part of Morning Musume。 for 5 years and still aims for the top together.
Please continue to support Sayashi Riho,
Morning Musume。,
and Hello! Project.

Hello! Project leader
℃-ute   leader
Yajima Maimi


blog, Sayashi Riho-582623It’s certainly sad and totally shocking to hear that Riho is the first out of the 9th and 10th to decide to graduate. She’s my third favorite in the current Morning Musume and she’s in my top 5 in all Hello! Pro members, to hear Riho graduating is real depressing to deal with and I’m sure a lot of fans feel the same but Riho has her reasons and I understand where she’s coming from.

I personally think that she has been under pressure with being the constant ace and center for Morning Musume singles ever since her debut back in Spring 2011. I think she really deserves a nice break, and to study overseas is a really nice idea to expand her horizons. Plus she’s only graduating from Morning Musume ’15 and I’m sure she’ll come back to Hello! Project after her studies.Who knows, maybe she’ll become a new soloist, like a new Goto Maki.

Riho 14We still have about two months left with Riho so I’m going to continue to support Morning Musume ’15 and Hello! Project with all I can. I’m kinda hoping a little that they’ll release like a graduation single for Riho, I’m hoping since when Maeda Yuuka graduation, her graduation single only a few weeks before the day she left, so maybe they’ll do that with Riho too. I’m saying I’m hoping for it but I wouldn’t be too surprised if they didn’t, she doesn’t even get like a proper graduation concert since she’s graduating at the countdown live at the end of the year.

Anyway, I’m not really too sure if this is making any sense since I’m still in some shock about this announcement. Feel free to tell me about your thoughts about this announcement too (^^)!


A little off topic, but there’s still a petition up to try and get ℃-ute to come to Canada. Please share and sign this petition if you haven’t yet!

{ ute for Canada Petition }

Maimi - Mai 02Now playing: Uwasa no SEXY GUY – Goto Maki

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