How and Where to get Idol Goods?

Ikuta Erina, Suzuki Kanon-385613Sometimes you may wonder how some fans are able to get idol goods that seem you would only be able to get in Japan. I thought that I would do a little guide on how to get idol goods from the sites that I tend to use for my idol goods, I’ll also explain if it’s a difficult way or not. Here some of my own tips and tricks!

First, let’s talk about CD’s and concert DVD’s/Blu-rays! There’s two main sites that I use to buy CD’s or my blu-rays.

I use to use YesAsia () when I first started out buying CD’s. The first thing I bought was Takahashi Ai’s graduation single as you can see in one of the pictures above. I used YesAsia for about a year before switching to CDJapan, and these days I don’t really use YesAsia anymore. These days I only use it to buy things that I can’t find on CDJapan like certain CD’s or photobooks. Here are a few pros and cons of using this site:

~ You can get free shipping.
~ If you can’t find your items on CDJapan, YesAsia will most likely have it.
~ If your paying for the shipping, it comes in real quick.
~ You could get a free Japanese keychain with your order from their selections with certain items.

~ Can be a little more expansive than CDJapan.
~ Free shipping is only for orders over $39.
~ Free shipping could take about a month to reach you.
~ You don’t get any bonuses with your order (I’m not too sure about trading cards, but never any external bonuses like posters, postcards, or coasters).

09-04-2015The site I tend to use the most for my CD’s and blu-ray’s is CDJapan (). Almost every order I do for pre-ordering CD’s or concerts I use CDJapan. I think it’s a little more easier and cheaper to use and I just like using it a lot more. I think most fans use CDJapan for their CD needs as well.

~ A bit cheaper than YesAsia.
~ Has a lot more shipping options.
~ If you pre-order in time, you can get the external posters, coasters, or postcards along with the trading card inside the CD.
~ Has a big selection of Hello! Project goods, along with other J-pop artists.
~ Just recently, they started to sell a few mini microfiber H!P towels and a few t-shirts as well.
~ Has a point system in which the more you buy the more points you get, and you can use those points to take a few dollars off your next orders.

~ Depending on the shipping you pick, it could either be a bit expensive or can take quite a while for you to get your order.
~ Despite their wide selection of CD’s, they might not have what you want or it’s no longer available even though they have the item listed as available.

I’ve heard you can also buy CD’s from, though I never tried it myself since I’m pretty content with the service CDJapan provides, but I know a few people who have used Amazon to get their CD’s and were also able to get the trading cards.

Next is how to get photos, towels, and everything in between. There’s many sites to use to get these items so I’m gonna list the easiest to the little more difficult sites to use. I’ll also list the official sites where you use third party sites in order to get those goods.

The first site I started to use when I first started collection photos was eBay (). I’m sure you have at least heard of eBay, you can almost buy anything there and has been around for a really long time. There’s only a few sellers that sell Hello! Project goods but their shops seem to have less and less a time goes by.

~ Can find some really cool things that you can’t really find anywhere else. Like certain trading cards for example or photos you can’t find on Idol!Swap.

~ Can get a little expensive.
~ You have to be a little cautious when buying from eBay, don’t buy from anyone if they have a low feedback.
~ There’s a slight chance that your mail might get lost (I only had one thing that never came despite it being shipped).
~ These days there’s not much up for sale.

07-06-2015The next site which is really good to find and buy photos is Idol!Swap (). Idol!Swap is a closed Facebook group in which you need to send a request to join the group. Once you’re in the group, it’s not very hard to find some really neat stuff. I use to use Idol!Swap a lot when I first joined the group, but these days I only really look there if I want older Morning Musume sets.

~ You can find some really cool, older and newer stuff from various people’s shops.
~ If you’re not able to use Tenso or FromJapan, they do group orders for e-line up, Hello! Project Web shop, and even fanclub events.
~ Sellers can be quite helpful if you have any questions.
~ In general, it’s pretty safe to use.
~ People tend to give you the cheapest shipping.

~ Like eBay, you might wanna be a little cautious from the people you buy from. It is safe to use, but there are a few “bad eggs.”
~ Can take a little while for the group orders to come in, but once they ship it to you it doesn’t really take too long.
~ If you want a more faster shipping, you can request it from the seller, though it could be expensive.

10-05-2015The next site that I like and use the most if I want anything from e-line up is Tenso (). I’m pretty sure most fans tend to use FromJapan, but I really like using Tenso and I think it’s a whole lot easier for me to use.

~ They give you a Japanese address so you could sign up on Japanese sites and just buy your items there while it would get shipped to Tenso’s warehouse and just gotta pay for the shipping for your goods to get to you.
~ Has a quite a bit of shipping options to choose from, and tells you how many weeks that it might reach you depending on the shipping you pick.
~ I tend to get the EMS shipping and my goods gets delivered in about a week.
~ Hello! Project staff tends to promote Tenso on their official sites.
~ Don’t charge you any fees when you items sit in the warehouse, so you take your time to pay the shipping.

~ Shipping can be a little expensive depending on the option you choose.
~ They do ask for an ID before your able to really use the site. Some people might not be comfortable with that request.

08-21-2015The next site I use for auctions from YAJ is Buyee (), which is powered by Tenso. I think some people also use FromJapan for auctions from YAJ, but similar to Tenso I find Buyee to be a little more easier for me to use and I never really had bad experience from using Buyee.

~ You can just copy and paste the auction link in the bar above and you can bid on it while on Buyee.
~ Unlike Tenso, you don’t need to send an ID in.
~ Has a quite a bit of shipping options to choose from, and tells you how many weeks that it might reach you depending on the shipping you pick.
~ I tend to get the EMS shipping and my goods gets delivered in about a week.
~ Can request to add multiple won auctions into one package so you can save on shipping.
~ Don’t need a Japanese address.
~ Fairly easy to use.
~ Don’t charge you any fees when you items sit in the warehouse, so you take your time to pay the shipping.
~ Your items don’t take very long to get to the warehouse once you win the auction.

~ Shipping can be a little expensive depending on the option you choose.
~ Does have usage fees.
~ Doesn’t let you bid on things if the seller on YAJ has low feedback.

03-17-2015The last site that you can use as a third party to get your goods is FromJapan (). To be honest with you, I personally only used FromJapan like two times, I just wanted to try it out but I found it to be really confusing to use and I didn’t really like using it. I do tend to use it if there’s something I really want from the Web Shop but that’s about it and it’s not very often. I would say most fans use this site though. Just wanna say a quick update that FromJapan has changed up their website a little bit, and it seems to me more easier to use now.

~ Can use the site for both buying and auctions.
~ Has quite a bit of shipping options.
~ Since it’s new update, it seems to be a whole lot easier to use (I find anyway).

~ The longer you wait to pay your shipping, the more you get charged with fees.
~ Shipping could also get a little expensive, depending on the option you choose.

morning musume15 toktoThe newest site that has come to offer Hello! Pro goods is Tokyo Otaku Mode (). I have never used to site yet, but I’m very interested in buying something there eventually just to test the site out. It seems some fans have been using it though, and I haven’t really heard any complaints about the site so I’m just assuming here that this is okay to use!

juicOne of the official sites to buy idol goods is e-line up (). You can find almost everything by any Up-Front Promotion groups/artists. Mostly it’s goods from current tours or events like t-shirts, photos, wristbands, collection photos and pin-up posters, visual books, DVD magazines, and a few CD’s and photobooks. Just wanna note one little thing though, some items are only available for a few months before the site takes those items off. If you want anything from here you can use Tenso, FromJapan, or group orders in Idol!Swap.

webshopThe next official site to buy Hello! Pro goods is the Official Shop Web Store (). This site lists items that can be found in the Official Shop which is located in Akihabara, which for the most part are just shop exclusive photos. Though you can get badges, keychains, figure stands, stationary, and other miscellany items. Like eline-up, you need to use Tenso, FromJapan, or the group orderes in Idol!Swap if you wanted to buy anything.

yajThe last site I’m gonna mention is Yahoo Auctions Japan (). This the auction site that I was talking about earlier in which you would need to use Buyee or FromJapan to get items from here. It’s a Japanese auction site, so you would need to search in what your looking for in Japanese. Be familiar with your oshi’s Kanji spelling. Like most auction sites, it’s wise to be a little cautious.

Ikuta Erina, Suzuki Kanon-385615Those are all the sites I have used in the past or currently using now that you could get Hello! Project goods from. I hope this little guide helps some of you guys that want to buy idol goods but don’t really know where to start. I recommend to use these sites I listed above, I never really had a bad experience with any of them and I would say they’re all pretty safe to use. It’s smart to be a little cautious with any online shopping and to use sites that you feel most comfortable with. Eventually once you get use to how some of these sites run, and I’m sure you’ll have sites in which you prefer to use for getting idol goods.

I’ve also bought idol goods from Hello Store USA which was a site for overseas fans to buy Hello! Pro goods but has been shut down since about 2012 or so. I bought a few little things from the Hello! Online forums too, but most users have now have a more up-to-date shop in Idol!Swap so it’s better to look there instead. There’s also a few people who you can ask to do personal orders for you, and you can easily find these people in Idol!Swap.

If you have anything you would like to add that I might have forgot to mention in the pros and cons of some of these sites please free feel to mention them below. Also feel free to add some of your own tips and tricks in getting Hello! Project goods (*^^*)/!!


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