Idol Goods Now Available on Tokyo Otaku Mode!

GradationI’m sure a lot of you want to buy idol goods but sometimes it can be a bit of hassle getting photos, towels, penlights, etc. You could go on the Facebook group “Idol!Swap” or you could use third party sites that will give a Japanese address so you could order goods from e-line up or the online web shop, though besides those methods it’s not very easy getting these goods.

Luckily for us overseas fans, there is now an easier way! The site Tokyo Otaku Mode now features a few Hello! Project products! Here is a video of Mitsui Aika introducing the goods that they have to offer so far.

So far this site only features the four main groups.
Click on the star and it’ll send you to the listings.

Morning Musume ’15 ()
morning musume15 tokto

℃-ute ()cutetokyo


Juice=Juice ()

There is, of course, a few more listings for Morning Musume ’15 and ℃-ute but I just posted a few examples while there is about one more thing for ANGERME while right now there is only five things for Juice=Juice. This is some really great news for us since using this site seems to be a lot more easier and slightly cheaper.

I have never used this site before but from what I’m hearing from people of tumblr, they’re saying it’s a very good and safe site to use. I think I might try it out one of these days and report to you guys what my experience with this site but that might take a little while since I’ve already went over my idol budget for right now, but please stay tuned for my report! Also, if you used this site before please share what your experiences or thoughts of using this site (。´∀`)ノ!


Just one last reminder before I end this post!
The petition to try and get ℃-ute to come to Canada is still up and still needs more signatures so please sign and share this petition if you haven’t yet!

{ ute for Canada Petition }


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