30 Days of Hello! Project Challenge (2015).

Hello_Project-567352I wanted to start off September with a new post, a bit different from my top 5 posts (but a little similar I guess) and something I haven’t done in a real long time which is a 30 day challenge of Hello! Project. This version is more updated than the last one I did with the newer groups and I think it’ll be fun to do after so many years. Also, seeing many people doing this challenge these past few months I feel like sharing mine as well so that’s what I’ll be doing today! Let’s begin~

Day 1: Your favorite Idol?

Ayaka 58Wada Ayaka
This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, and I’ve given many reasons why I love Dawa so much in my other posts. She is just my precious angel and makes me smile all the time. I seriously think she’s the greatest and I love her a whole bunch (。’▽’。)♡!!

Day 2: The Idol you hate or dislike?

akanchinHaga Akane
Hrm, it’s not like I hate Akane or really dislike her since I can never bring myself to hate any of my idols or any idols at all. It’s just that I feel like she hasn’t really been grabbing much of attention these days, and she’s been slowly decreasing in my ranking lately. I feel like her other generation members have way more interesting personalities. Maybe I just haven’t really found her appeal just yet but right now Akane would be near the end of my entire Hello! Pro ranking. Who knows I might like her more later on.

Day 3: If you are or were a boy who would be your girlfriend?

tumblr_ntmw9gPx8w1svvchho1_500Suzuki Airi
I’m actually not too sure why I choose Airi for this question but she was pretty much the only member I can think about after reading it. Airi is undeniably adorable and so pretty, I also really love her dorky and air-head personality, if I was a guy I think Airi would definitely be my ideal type of girl.

Day 4: If the Idol was a boy, who would be your boyfriend?

kanatomoKanazawa Tomoko
I find Tomoko to have a bit of a boyish charm though it’s not really shown very much like Haruka or Takechan but I get the feeling that Tomoko teases other members like as if she’s their boyfriend or something along those lines. I just always thought Tomoko would be somebody I wouldn’t mind dating if she was a boy and that if I actually knew her. Plus she’s near the same age as me, about 2 months younger, so I wouldn’t really find it to be too weird if I actually did date her.

Day 5: Favorite Group?

S/mileage, also now known as ANGERME has always been one of my most favorite groups in Hello! Project. I seriously love all their singles, b-sides, and their album songs. I also really love all the members, though it may not be very obvious sometimes, I do really care for all the ANGERME members and their definitely a top priority to me. Besides ANGERME, I really love Morning Musume ’15 and °C-ute as well (*´▽`*)!!

Day 6: Favorite Unit?

Riho 01Peaberry
For my favorite unit I think I would have to say that Peaberry is the one I love the most. One of the most obvious reason is because Dawa is in Peaberry, but as for the other reasons, I also really love Riho and I really liked Peaberry’s songs. I think Riho and Dawa are a very cute duo, though they’re both kinda shy people I think they work pretty well together.

Day 7: Favorite Couple?

tumblr_ntyy7gAIUn1qb43fzo1_500Fukumura Mizuki + Ikuta Erina
Though I’m not really one to ship members together, they are a few duo’s who I think are very cute together but that’s about it from me when it comes shipping. I think the PonPon combo are the very cutest, I really love seeing their interactions with each other during concerts and they really seem to be the bestest of friends. I would definitely would say that they’re my favorite couple, though I also really like the combos of Erina/Haruka, Masaki/Haruka, and Miki/Oharu. Also the Dawa/Haruka and Mai/Airi combos are very adorable too.

Day 8: Your favorite voice?

manaka2Inaba Manaka
When it comes to both their singing and speaking voice I think my most favorite is Manaka’s. I think she has one of the most cutest speaking voices out there and I also think her singing voice is very good as well. All in all, Manaka’s voice is just too adorable and it just makes me love her so much.

Day 9: The voice you dislike?

amiamiTanimoto Ami
Definitely nothing against TaniAmi (is that even one of her nicknames? It totally should be, it’s so cute to say!) I just kinda think she needs a lot more training since from what I seen so far she seems pretty weak at both singing and dancing. I put it off at first at her just being nervous but a few Tsubaki performances later she still seemed to do the same. I think TaniAmi is totally adorable but her skills are a little slacking, I do look forward to any development and/or improvements she might do in the future though.

Day 10: The idol you used to hate and now like?

kikiloveAsakura Kiki
Well, like I said before I don’t “hate” or really dislike any Hello! Pro members but for a while Kiki was a member I didn’t think was very cute and didn’t pay much attention to her. I suddenly came to realize that she kinda looks like Victoria from f(x) and I really love Victoria and with that realization I’ve come to love Kiki a lot more than I did before. I feel a little bad for not liking her right away but I’m watch out for her from now on.

Day 11: Favorite °C-ute member?

tumblr_nnqdzibZkg1qb43fzo1_500Hagiwara Mai
I just think MaiMai is just one the cutest little humans out there! Though she’s not really the best at singing but I just love her so much that I don’t even really mind. I think she’s a very funny girl and it really looks like she has a whole lot of fun when she’s with Chisato which I really love seeing.

Day 12: Favorite Kobushi Factory member?

11188384_1606098389605893_2793865924223021726_nTaguchi Natsumi
I’ve always really liked Natsumi for a while now and I was ever so happy that she was able to debut with another of my most favorite Kenshuuseis at the time (Ogawa Rena). Natsumi really captures my attention in Kobushi and I really look forward to her growth in future years.

Day 13: Favorite Country Girls member?

chisakikiMorito Chisaki
I really like all the members of Country Girls since I think they’re all very unbelievable adorable, but I would have to say that Chisaki has really captured my heart. I actually haven’t seen a whole lot from her just yet but she really catches my eye in Country Girls performances.

Day 14: The idol with the best body?

Sayashi Riho-572037Sayashi Riho
I think my answer for this question would be Sayashi. She always had a very thin body and it she’s always been such a cutie, lately it seems like she gained a few little pounds these days and I just find her to be even more adorable! She now has more pinch-able hamster cheeks. Though I think all Hello! Pro idols have very nice and unique bodies, I can never comment negatively to their shapes since everybody is beautiful. RihoRiho’s chubby cheeks have really captured my heart these days (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。!!

Day 15: Favorite Morning Musume member?

tumblr_ns5bbgrDBa1qz93v9o1_500Ikuta Erina
I don’t really know if this question is for Morning Musume in general or just Morning Musume ’15, but I’m just gonna assume it’s for Morning Musume ’15 and I’m gonna say that my favorite is Eripon! I’ve always really liked Erina since her audition footage back in late 2011 and she always really captured my attention even with all her different personality phases (awkard-KY, Gaki-san lover, wanting to be the world’s #1 idol, etc, etc). If you know Eripon well or pay attention to her, these perks and phases just adds on every year to the previous one. I find her to be very amusing and funny, I’ve just always really loved her.

Day 16: Favorite ANGERME member?

Kana 04Nakanishi Kana
Well for obvious reasons I can go on and on about how much I really love Dawa but since I feel like I talk about her quite enough already plus I used her for an answer for Day 1. My second love in ANGERME is actually Nakanishi Kana. I think Kana has really improved over the years, like beautifully improved. Her dancing has gotten more better and her deep singing voice has become absolutely amazing over these past few years, it’s really hard not to notice all her hard work. I also really think she has a very funny personality and I find it amusing that she tends to get real close to any member of Hello! Pro even to a point where Gaki-san commented on how weird it was.

Day 17: Favorite Juice=Juice member?

tumblr_nokm9u9tR21qz93v9o1_500Takagi Sayuki & Miyazaki Yuka
I kinda have two favorites in Juice=Juice so I’m just gonna talk about them both. For the longest time Yuka was my favorite Juice=Juice member since I just find her ever so adorable with her puppy dog eyes, I also really like her singing and I’ve always been rooting for her since her GREEN FIELDS days (this was a couple months before Juice=Juice was even formed). Sayuki has been a bit of a new found love for me, I never paid much attention to her before until I constantly kept getting her trading cards with my Juice=Juice CD’s, after a while I feel like it would be odd not to get her card and I kinda figured that it might be a sign to actually pay more attention to her so I have. Though sometimes I’m very fond of Sayuki’s vocals I still really like her.

Day 18: The best actress?

blog, Tamura Meimi-548532Tamura Meimi
I actually don’t really watch a whole lot of Hello! Pro stage plays, the latest one that I have watched was the Lilium play back earlier this year and though I think everybody in that stage play did pretty well I think Meimi really stood out the most. She seems to always get really into her character and her performances are also spectacular.

Day 19: Who would you like to be for a day?

tumblr_nsgmq5x44s1qz93v9o1_500Fukumura Mizuki
This one took me a little while to think of an answer but I think I would have to say Fukuchan! I can’t really think of what to say on why I would like to be Fukuchan to be a day, I think it would be pretty cool and but also kinda difficult to be any Hello! Pro members for a day.

Day 20: Your favorite “new” member (12kies, 3rd generation of S/mileage, Country girls and KoFa/TsuFa)?

tumblr_nrtv7hRsye1u3sw5uo1_500Ogata Haruna
I think Oharu is a real beauty though her singing and dancing didn’t seem very good in her audition footage and I thought it was a little surprising that she even passed the audition. Though there were many members who passed the auditions despite their weak audition performances they surprise us with amazing talent after a few years so I’m hoping she also surprises us with great development and improvement over the years. I really like her now and I’m really looking forward to see how she does in Morning Musume.

Day 21 (The idol you have the most respect for or admire?

Suzuki Kanon-572083Suzuki Kanon
I do really respect and admire very idol in Hello! Project but as of lately I think Zukki fits this question pretty well. It’s kinda well known that Zukki doesn’t have much of a big fan base in Japan, I’m very glad that she’s very strong person despite sometimes getting such negative comments said towards her. She may have struggled with it at home but while in the public she seems very strong and confident about herself which I’m real happy to see. I don’t think I would be able to handle what she goes through so I really do respect Zukki for being such a strong and beautiful women. I’m happy for her since she seems pretty happy with her weight-loss and I’m also glad that it was her own decision to start a diet and that there was no pressure on her to do so. I’m just really happy to see Zukki doing so well these days *(*´∀`*)☆!!

Day 22: Your favorite “fashionista”?

Hagiwara Mai
One picture of Mai’s coordinates won’t do much justice to her very good fashion sense so here is four different kind of outfits that she has adorably rocked over the year. Though sometimes I think some girls have questionable fashion choices I always tend to really love Mai’s outfits (´ω`★)!

Day 23: Past H!P member you miss the most?

tumblr_ntygq8X8B91tkczjzo1_1280Mano Erina
I talked about ManoEri the other day as somebody I really miss seeing in Hello! Project and is my favorite OG member so I’m not really gonna into much detail but I do really miss her almost everyday, though I’m very happy to see that she still has a lot of work in the idol world and I’m also very stunned by her to see beautiful pictures like these in magazines (´ ▽`).。o♡!

Day 24: Idol that is not one of your favorites but you think is really good.

tumblr_ns98r6h9Mx1qz93v9o1_500Ishida Ayumi
I think I would have to say Ayumi would be my answer for this question. She’s not really my top favorites but I think her skills are amazingly good. I really love her sharp and on-point dances, I also like her vocals and I find her personality is quite amusing. Though she’s not really my absolute favorites, her skills are very hard to ignore and I can’t help but to pay lots of attention to her.

Day 25: Past group you miss the most?

blog, Kago Ai, Tsuji Nozomi-470750W
I mostly just miss Tsuji-chan but I’m also quite fond of W’s music as well as a newer fan back in my earlier days. I also do miss v-u-den and mini moni, but I think I like W’s music the most.

Day 26: Idol with the best personality?

tumblr_nsrgskt85R1qa6eh5o1_500Yajima Maimi
I think Maimi is the idol with the best personality because I just find her to be very naive and oblivious to many things, I think that might be good personality traits if you’re an idol so that not many things wouldn’t really bother you since the business world can be a bit harsh. I think Maimi has a really kind heart and she’s always so caring to the other younger members of Hello! Pro, and I just really love that about her.

Day 27: Idol that you have special feelings for?

tumblr_inline_nrean1Wyih1t3s0c6_540Kudo Haruka
I feel like Haruka can also fit for the next question as well but I think I’ll use her for this one instead. Haruka was the very first of my idols that I have ever seen in real life, it was at their NYC concert and she was literally right in front of me and my first thoughts were how stunning she looked and how it was the real Kudo Haruka standing right in front of me. I was totally amazed and fell right in love with her right then and there, and ever since then she’s been a very special member to me.

Day 28: Idol that brings you special memories of something or somebody?

10301285_767635053295414_2936921615256936338_nMorning Musume ’14
I’m just gonna use the whole group Morning Musume ’14 for this question since they all remind me of the day that my dreams came true and I was on cloud-9 the whole day. Seeing them all perform and even getting to shake their hands and chat with them briefly was really a dream come true for me since I never thought that day would ever come. I’m ever so happy that I was able to see them in real life, I hope to see them again someday and I hope whoever is a fan gets to see them as well (*^^*)!!

Day 29: Your favorite idol leader?

blog, Yamagishi Riko-574681Yamagishi Riko
Though she’s a fairly new leader in Hello! Project, I think I would have to say RikoRiko is my favorite leader. She’s my favorite Tsubaki Factory member and I wouldn’t really feel right if I didn’t mention her in this challenge so she’s my answer for this question.

Day 30: The idol you’d like to go on a vacation with for a week?

I can’t really just pick one idol to vacation with for a week but I think it would be real fun and extremely amusing to vacation with all the members of ANGERME. They all seem really fun to be around with so that would be my ideal vacation, mostly likely in Japan since I’ve always wanted to go there (*´▽`*)!!

Hello_Project-567351This literally took me pretty much all day to write since I kept getting distracted throughout the day but I am finally finished and I hope you find this challenge of mine to be interesting! Please free feel to tell what you think and/or your answers as well (*^^*)!


The signatures have a bit slow lately but the petition to try and get ℃–ute to come to Canada is still up and I would really appreciate it if some of you would sign and share this petition if you haven’t already (*^^*)!

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