Top Country Girls Members (2015).

tumblr_nrl2irU7oM1uzirhxo1_500This week I will be talking about my top members of one of the newest Hello! Project groups, Country Girls! There’s just something I kinda wanna put out there before I start, I think all members of Country Girls are unbelievable adorable and I feel like I’m really loving this group more and more as the time goes by, so even if someone on my lists seems pretty low, it’s not that I don’t like them it’s just the other members peek my interest a little more, with that said I’m gonna straight into this quick countdown!

#5Tsugunaga Momoko

momokoIt’s not that I don’t like Momoko, I was a fan of hers when she was in Berryz Koubou, she wasn’t like in my top three or anything like that but I did really enjoy and appreciate her singing and personality abilities. She’s quite a professional within her career and I really admire and respect her hard work. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure about her playing manager when Country Girls was announced but she seems to be doing quite well and she takes really good care of her new group members. Probably one of my biggest reasons on why Momoko is last in my ranking is because I already how she is and how her talents are. Though I think she’s really good in pretty much all she does, there’s four other members I don’t really know quite yet and I wanted to pay more attention to them since they’re new. For now I just kinda put my love for Momo a little on the side so I can check out the talents and kinda see how I really feel about the other members of Country Girls.

#4Ozeki Mai

ozekiI find Ozeki very interesting and amusing, and I do feel like I’m really liking her more and more lately. I don’t think I’ve seen a whole lot from her just yet but I’m fairly impressed in what I’m seeing lately from her and she has been really capturing my attention these days. She’s always super adorable, it would be real hard not to love this child. Though I haven’t really before, I’m definitely gonna keep my eyes on her now and see what she’s up to, and I’m sure I’ll just love her more.

#3Yamaki Risa

tumblr_nrfm35Vci81qz93v9o2_500I find Risa to be the mature one in the group and instead of being incredibly adorable I think Risa is beyond stunning, and because of that I think she tends to stand out a bit more compared to the other members, it’s definitely not a bad thing though she is pretty cute as well. I’m quite fond of her singing and her dancing already but I do look forward to see if she really improves as the singles go by and I’m quite sure she will. Risa’s beauty really captures my heart.

#2 Inaba Manaka

manakaIt used to be a bit of tie for my #2 between Risa and Manaka, but Manaka has really stolen my heart lately so she took the second crown. Manaka’s dancing skills are beyond incredible and I’m pretty happy that she’s in the Haro Sute dance club. Her singing voice is a bit on the cutesy side but I do like it and I think it suits her quite well. I really like how Manaka talks, I don’t know what it is really or how to really explain it but she tends to talks a bit fast and I think it’s just oh so cute. Manaka should be the definition of country side cutie (lol)!

#1Morito Chisaki

tumblr_nsbmnzCO6e1qb43fzo1_500Chisaki is actually a pretty new love for me. She used to be the most mysterious one to me and I wasn’t too sure what I thought about her but over these past few months I just found her to be super cute and it just made take more of interest in her, she really climbed up my ranking and now takes the #1 place in my Country Girls heart. She sings pretty well so far and her dancing skills seem to be looking alright in these past few performances, to be honest her skills don’t tend to really stick just yet but I’m sure they will eventually so we just gotta wait to see what kind of improvement she could show us.

tumblr_nrzjzzqiXc1unxj08o1_1280There’s currently only five members of this group so it’s another quick post! I was having a bit of a writer’s block while writing this so I must apologize if anything seems too jumbled up or doesn’t really make much sense. I wasn’t really sure on what to say about some girls so I just wrote what I could think of. I just also wanna mention how it’s a bit weird to say top Country Girls members, well I think it feels a little weird on the tongue when I say it (._.)!

Anyway! Next week I’ll be talking about Kobushi Factory so please look forward to that (*^^*)! Also, down below is more of my recent ranking posts. Just click on the picture down below and it’ll take you to that ranking (^^)!



One last thing to mention before I end this post of mine! There’s currently a petition to try and get ℃-ute to come to Canada, the rate of signatures has been slowed down quite a bit lately so if you’re interested please free feel to sign and share this petition (*^^*)!!

{ ute for Canada Petition }



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