Hello! Project GETS! (07-27-2015) ANGERME Goods~

getspicI kind of feel like it’s been a while since I made a gets post, plus I’m feeling like I actually got something that’s worth talking about so that’s what I’m gonna do!

So lately I’ve only been really getting are photos, and mostly ANGERME photos at that.

07-10-2015 (1) 07-10-2015 (2)These were my first ANGERME goods that I received on July 10th. Just Dawa’s 2L sets from their spring tour I think and their Nippon Budokan concert. I also got group L’s from the same events, plus my very own and first ever Dawa microfiber towel!

I wanted to get Meimi’s 2L set from their Nippon Budokan since her poses were absolutely too cute. I was totally planning on getting it but my funds were already a little limited so I just stuck with Dawa’s goods and didn’t get Meimi’s (;0; )!! With Dawa’s 2L set with the red outfit, I think I might have actually gotten the very last one! As soon as I ordered it, it said it was sold out on e-line up so I felt a little more extra pumped (lol)!

Sadly at the time and still currently, I have no extra pages for my L photos so I couldn’t put the L sets away in their right place so they’re still currently in their little plastic pages and in one of my CD boxes to keep them safe until I order some more hopefully soon XD! As for my Dawa towel, like I said it’s my very first one πŸ™‚ !! I have like three Captain, one Eripon, and one Duu. I pretty much have towels of all my other favorites besides hers (lol)! Though I find I’m a little picky when it comes to hers so that’s probably why I never got one before, but this time I couldn’t just pass this one up since she looks ever so cute!

07-20-2015Ten days later on the 20th, I received these photos from Idol! Swap. When the 2015 winter concert was going on, the Dawa set on the bottom was like the only set of her that I didn’t get. I’m not totally sure on why I skipped out on buying that set but I did and actually I ended up buying Captains set in that outfit (Don’t know what my logic was about there but that’s what happened). Eventually I actually started to regret not buying that Dawa setas time went by.

I was hoping maybe I’ll find it somewhere and I’ll buy right away if I can but I was having some doubts. Luckily for me a kind seller and one I really like buying stuff from, was selling this set that I was totally missing and bought it right away! I also ended up claiming those two group sets from her as well, cause why not, they weren’t too expensive and Dawa was with some of my other favorite ANGERME girls so I bought them too.

07-27-2015My next little haul is Today’s! My copy of Juice=Juice’s first album “First Squeeze” and my copies of ANGERME’s 19th single “Nana Korobi Ya Oki / Gashin Shoutan / Mahotsukai Sally” has finally arrived~!

I haven’t really heard too much previews or anything like with Juice=Juice’s album so most of the songs were pretty new to me. I’ve been kinda listening to my new music since I ripped them onto my iTunes and their album is actually pretty good, I’m liking it quite a bit already, I don’t think I heard a song that I don’t like. All their new songs and cover songs are really good! It’s definitely a recommend!

I was a bit inpatient while waiting for my ANGERME CDs, since I don’t usually pull my own Dawa I always have to buy hers from YAJ. I was quite certain with this single too that she wouldn’t really appear so I was all ready to buy them, but I made myself wait and see on who I get first before buying any more. With another strike of luck, I actually did get a Dawa card for Mahotsukai Sally! Such a blessing too, since that was the only card of hers I couldn’t find on YAJ (;o; )/!!

With Nana Korobi Ya Oki I got Takechan and with Gashin Shoutan I got Maho~! Takechan is actually member I get quite often when it comes to single trading cards so I wasn’t exactly too thrilled when I pulled hers out, but I quickly got excited once I pulled Maho’s with the next CD since she’s like my favorite out of the 3rd gen, and I was just pretty happy to finally get a 3rd gen trading card since I didn’t with their debut single (*^^*)!

I did end up buying Dawa’s cards for the Nana Korobi Ya Oki and Gashin Shoutan, and for Mahotsukai Sally I bought Kanana’s πŸ™‚ !! I really love the colorful Sally dresses so it didn’t really matter on which member to get to add with Dawa’s. I just searched “Mahoutsukai Sally” on YAJ and Kana’s was the first to appear in the list of auctions and for the same buyout price as Dawa’s cards I bought so I went with Kana’s. I think this would be my first Kana card, she might be the only ANGERME member trading that I don’t have besides Mizuki and Rikako, but I didn’t even get her when it was just S/mileage so I’m pretty happy to add her with everybody else (lol).

I did a few unboxing videos on my YouTube channel. I’ll link the videos below so you guys can check them out if you like~ (*^^*)!

Anyway! I think that’s it from me today! Not too sure when I might talk about my latest gets again, but if I don’t, you can easily check my collection page if you interested in seeing what I get. I update it each time I get something new so it’s always up to date (*^^*)!

Bye bye~

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