Top Juice=Juice Members (2015).

juicejuice8Continuing with talking my favorites in each Hello! Project group, this week is Juice=Juice. I remember I was gonna do one of these posts before when Juice=Juice was just formed but I forgot and like two years later I’m finally getting around to writing it now. Anyway, I hope enjoy this little post of mine.

#5Miyamoto Karin

karinnAt the very bottom of my Juice=Juice is Karin. Nothing against Karin, and I can say that I like her a lot more these days than I used back in her Kenshuusei days. I just kinda thought she was a little overrated. It seemed that everybody put her on a very high pedestal and I was just not really getting into the Karin hype at the time so I guess it was kinda her fans that made me dislike her a little bit, but ever since her debut her fans seemed to quiet down and I got to slowly enjoy her talents on my own without anything being pretty much pushed in front of me. These days her performances are always so excellent and I totally fell in love with her during the Black Butterfly performance in the 2014 summer concert blu-ray (might be in the Korezo setlist). Though my love for Karin is coming pretty slow, I think it’s pretty steady so within time I’m sure I’ll just end up loving her more and more.

#4Uemura Akari

aarinNearing the bottom of my little Juice=Juice ranking is Akari. Akari is always such a cutie and I’ve always really liked her since her Kenshuusei days, she even ended in my top 10 members of 2014, but it’s just lately she hasn’t really been catching my attention as much as use to. Though I must say that I do get pretty happy to see that she’s been getting more and more lines as the singles go by, her improvement over the years is also really great and I feel quite proud of her for that.

#3Kanazawa Tomoko

kanaromoRight in the smack middle of this ranking of mine is Ms. Tomoko. It’s real hard to not notice Tomoko’s amazing vocal abilities and I can’t help to find her little bully attitude to be a bit amusing (I’m sure it’s all jokes and nothing too serious). You wouldn’t really think she acts that way since she looks so angelic on stage with that wonderful voice of hers but reading and seeing pictures of her doing these acts is quite funny and a little shocking (Poor Sayuki).

#2Miyazaki Yuka

yukayukaYuka used to be my #1 member in Juice=Juice for the longest time until I realized my love for Sayuki and now she just comes at second. I was always really interested in Yuka since it seem like she appeared out of nowhere when she got put into GREEN FIELDS, and I was ever so happy that she got to become a full Hello! Project member since I was a little worried she wouldn’t. Yuka is just always so cute and pretty, her dancing and singing skills were a little weak compared to the other members when Juice=Juice first started up but over the years she really improved in both. I just can’t really help but to really like Yuka~

#1Takagi Sayuki

11401072_437165176462617_1080599943603470604_nSayuki being my #1 Juice=Juice member is a very new thing for me. At the start of the year it seemed that she was like my least favorite but over these past few months I really can’t help but to focus my attention on her, plus I think always getting her trading card with my Juice=Juice singles really helped me to pay more attention to her. I think her singing is pretty good, though I think she sounds like Aina at times (I didn’t really like Aina’s vocals when she was apart of the group) she still does fairly well. Her dancing skills are pretty good too, even good enough to end up the dance team for a while (not too sure if she’s still on it or not these days). I can’t really pin point exactly what it is that draws me towards Sayuki but there’s something there so I’m just gonna continue keeping an eye on her since she’s just been really capturing my interest these days.

qYYcCLkI hope you enjoyed reading my little ranking of Juice=Juice, please feel free to comment and tell me what you think too. I always find it hard to rank groups that don’t have a lot of members, I find it seems like I hate the member that comes in last but I just want you to know that that’s never the case, I can never hate a Hello! Pro member. Everybody has their own great qualities (*^^*)!

Next weeks ranking will be Country Girls so please look forward to that! Also, links for my previous group rankings are below. Just click on the picture and you’ll be sent to the page.



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