Country Girls’ 2nd Single “Wakatte Iru no ni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summer Time” (MV’s)

1dEPCE7127_TP1A_O_prep.pdfToday both MV’s for Country Girls’ newest and 2nd single “Wakatte Iru no ni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summer Time” are finally uploaded on their official YouTube channel so I will be doing a little review of both new songs!

Wakatte Iru no ni Gomen ne

Song: I think Wakatte Iro no ni Gomen ne is another pretty cute song from Country Girls. I also think it’s pretty catchy at certain parts like during the very first verse and the little “hora hora hora” parts, and the dialog lines are pretty cute too, but to be honest with you I’m not really feeling this song. I don’t know quite yet on what I exactly I don’t really like about this song, but I’m just feeling a bit “meh” about it. Whenever I feel this way about a new single I just kinda some more time to process my thoughts about it, so I’m sure within time I won’t feel so “meh” about this song.

wakatteiru3MV: I find pretty much everything about this MV really makes up for the kinda average song. The location of this set has some really nice scenery and to me it kinda looks similar to the location they used for Morning Musume’s “Shouganai Yume Oibito” way back in 2009. The girls also did some really great acting while doing their speaking parts, making Chisaki seem to have a crush or in a relationship with Mai is beyond the cutest thing ever. They even shot a kabedon scene near the end!

Though there was one part that I wasn’t really getting and that was Momoko being a granny. Was she supposed to be a teacher or something or is she just an old lady hanging around a school? I don’t know, I wasn’t really getting the point of that since in other scenes she just looked like herself. Besides that I just wanna mention one other thing that I really loved and that was Risa drawings. She draws so well and her style is just so adorable! I didn’t really know she had this amazing drawing ability, it really makes me wanna look out for more of her drawings.

wakatteiru1Outfits/Dance: As for the outfits, I actually like them quite a bit. The red waitress-like outfits are just so cute and they really makes the girls stick out. I also really like how each outfit is different from another since each girls outfit seems to match their personalities quite well. It seems that Mai will always be getting the outfits with the shorts like some other Hello! Pro members that also have short hair (most likely in Takechan’s case), but they still always look so good so it’s never really a bad thing to have the shorts.

I don’t think there was a whole lot of dance shots showed during the promotional edit of this MV since the MV just mostly had the acting scenes and close-up’s of the girls, but from what I can see it doesn’t seem to a horrible dance, it looks like it was some pretty cute movements. I guess my favorite dance scene is when a few girls make zero’s with their arms and Mai is just in the middle moving her head around during the Pi line. I also find it very amusing how dramatic Mai turns doing her “Otoko nara Ima wa” line plus the another line she sings where she does it again. In general Mai really catches my attention in this dance.

wakatteiru4Overall: Overall I really like how this single is Chisaki centered since she’s been becoming my Country Girls oshi these days, but it’s probably due to the fact that Uta has withdrawn, I’m sure everything would have been Uta centered since she seemed to have captured everybody’s hearts. Sadly though, she’s not with us anymore, so at least I’m kinda glad that Chisaki gets some spotlight since I find she’s not very popular quite yet. Right now I think I would give this single a 6.4 / 10. Like I said before I’m not feeling this song just yet but give it time and I’m sure I’ll like this song a bit more by the end of the year.

Tamerai Summer Time

Song: Tamerai Summer Time is a very sweet summer time song which as a bit of a laid-back tone to it. I don’t think I mentioned it quite yet but Tamerai Summer Time is my favorite out of the two. Though I just don’t really find the song to be my cup of tea, but holy snap does the melody ever get stuck my head. I find whenever I do listen to this song, I hum the song for like the rest of the day. At first I was thinking that maybe Tamerai Summer Time is my least favorite song out of the two but actually reviewing it now it turns out that it is actually my favorite. I’m sure I’ll come to really love this song lots more and way quicker than I expected since it seems to be always stuck in my head.

wakatteiru5MV: Oh gosh darn, everything about the MV is just so beautiful! All the scenes shot are in the beautiful outdoors and everybody just looks so natural and elegant like little forest fairies. I think they would be the Country Musume OG’s proud with their very country side like song and music video.

I think my most favorite scenes of this wonderful MV is pretty much all close-ups and dance shots that involve the girls in those beautiful white dresses and flower crowns. I can’t really pick an exact favorite since I really find those scenes to be ever so stunning and I just love them so. Though I think all the girls look very beautiful, Risa was probably the one that stood out the most to me. It was like cupid hitting my heart whenever her scenes came about. I also really loved the scenes when they were making summer letters and also when they’re walking behind the flowers and Chisaki and Mai are holding hands.

wakatteiru8Outfits/Dance: Like I already said, I really love the white outfits with the little flower crowns. I think they’re just ever so nice and they make the girls look really stunning and so cute. Plus the white really pops out in the greenery of the little farm pathway and in the forest. I really don’t think I can ever get over Country Girls’ cuteness in these outfits! Though they have another set of outfits that they wear as well in this MV, and I think they’re not all that bad but not really as good as the white outfits. With these other outfits, they seem to have a bit more of denim theme to it but the girls still look very cute in them too.

As for the dance, again, not too much is really shown since they had a real nice scenery going on during the music video but from I can see it’s nothing too difficult looking. There seems to be quite a bit of swaying movements which actually looks pretty good since it kinda looks like they’re like little fairies being on with nature. It looks to be a little laid-back and cute dance.

wakatteiru7Overall: Well I said that I was thinking this single was my least favorite out of the two, but to be honest with you I was wrong, I can already feel it quickly growing on me and I’m loving it lots. I’m guessing it won’t be long at all when it comes to a time where I just love and adore this song a whole bunch and maybe a bit more than I do already. Right now I think I would give this song a  7 / 10. It’s not really quite up there just yet but I’m sure it might one of my top songs at the end of the year.

1dEPCE7128_TP1A_O_prep.pdfI don’t really think these songs were as great as their previous single but the newer songs do have some really nice qualities to them, and I would have to say that these singles really displays Country Musume’s aura the best so I’m pretty happy about that factor. I already bought my copies of the single and I’m hoping that I get a Chisaki card this time around or even a Risa card, in the end though it doesn’t really matter and I’ll be happy with any members card.

It’s release date is August 5th.
Be sure to pre-order and/or buy your copies of “Wakatte Iru no ni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summer Time” if you enjoyed any of the songs to help support Country Girls’ newest single.


4 responses

  1. It’s funny, now that you point it out, I’m not sure either who Momoko was supposed to be with her granny outfit. In any case, it’s very amusing. 🙂 I love both songs, but somehow I can’t decide which one I prefer. Time will tell, I guess.

  2. I prefer the song for Wakatteiru over Tamerai, and I liked the overall MV for Wakatteiru the best, but I think most people (including me!) have to admit that Tamerai has a beautiful set of costumes (I agree with you that Risa shines the most) and a stunning set. The summer greeting card shots actually remind me of ºC-ute’s Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu from 2009. The slight similarity really makes me think of how much has changed and what has stayed the same since then.

    • The making of the summer greeting cards really reminded me of ºC-ute’s Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu too~ I was pretty happy to see that scene since I really love that ºC-ute single~ XD! It’s kinda crazy to really think on what has changed though since then.

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