Top ANGERME Members (2015).

tumblr_nhk2z90NL51qclfimo4_1280Continuing with sharing with you guys who my top girls are in each group and why, today I talk about the next group down the H!P ladder and seriously my most favorite group, ANGERME. S/mileage has always been my most favorite group, and there’s no exception with ANGERME. I will now start my little countdown~

#9Murota Mizuki

MizukiblogI have nothing against Mizuki and I actually like her quite a bit. She’s a real good dancer, and her vocals are fantastic, it’s just that I haven’t really seen a whole lot from her just yet to really place her somewhere higher in my little ranking. She was a total cutie while in Hello Pro Kenshuusei and lately she’s been turning into a real beauty. I do look forward to see her growth and development over the years, I’m sure within no time she’ll reach somewhere a little higher.

#8Sasaki Rikako

RikakoblogWhen Rikako joined Kenshuusei I wasn’t really joining everybody with hype that they had about her, to me it just seemed like another Karin situation when she was a Kenshuusei. I thought Rikako was cute when she first joined, though she didn’t really stick out to me but when they announced a 3rd generation for ANGERME, I knew right away that she would get it. She has the perfect energy for ANGERME I thought, and luckily she did get it. When she got to debut I still didn’t really pay much attention to her but after Hello! Project’s 2015 winter concert where they showcased the new girls, Rikako really shined and I was amazed, now these days it’s hard for me not to notice her. My love for her came slowly but it’s pretty steady now so I’m sure, just like with Mizuki, I would love even more when I see more of her and as time goes on by.

#7Takeuchi Akari

AkariblogTakechan has always been near the bottom of my list even since 6nin S/mileage but it’s not that I didn’t enjoy her tomboy personality or anything like that. I always tend to forget how much I really love Takechan until whenever I watch her perform since she’s always so great during lives, yet she always seems to be near the bottom of my little rankings. Takechan dances really well and her vocals are quite great as well, and to be honest with you she always reminds me of Girls’ Generation’s Sunny (lol). She has a very playful personality like all the 2nd gen members have actually, and during Hello! Project tour performances you can see her interact with the other members performing. She just really seems to be a fun person and I really like that about her.

#6Aikawa Maho

MahoblogI would probably have to say that Maho is my favorite out of the newest generation. I’ve always really liked her ever since she joined Hello! Pro Kenshuusei back in 2014. I find that there’s just something about her that makes her so loveable and I really can’t help myself but to really like her. She’s always so smiley and so cute, and from what I hear about her from the other ANGERME members it seems that she has a bit of a strange personality too. Her dancing and singing skills are not so developed as the other new members but I’m sure she’ll just get better and better with each single. I really look forward to seeing her development over the years.

#5Katsuta Rina

RinablogRinapuu has always been a favorite of mine, I always thought she was so cute and I really liked her singing. Though she doesn’t really use a lot of energy during lives, and even her personality seems to be at her own pace. That doesn’t really bother me in one bit, I still think she’s pretty great and I find her own paced personality a bit funny. I must admit that it’s pretty surprising with their newest single to see her on the dancing team since I would never really expect that (lol), but she did pretty good so way to go Rina!

#4Fukuda Kanon

kanonblogMs. Cinderella herself is next up my list. I always thought Kanyon had a pretty alright voice and her dancing seemed to be alright as well. For me, for the longest time she didn’t really stick out to me and there was a time where I wasn’t too fond of her personality. When she announced her graduation I guess my love for her went up a little more since she was an original 4nin S/mileage member and like most S/mileage fans I get quite nostalgic with the original members. I’m quite sad to see her leave so soon and leaving Dawa behind with the new members (not really complaining too much though, Dawa can stay as long as she wants, I’m not ready to part with her ;o;). I would have to admit that Kanyon kinda lost her spark over the years so I hope she becomes more happier when she graduates, but for now I’m just gonna enjoy the last remaining months I have left with her.

#3Tamura Meimi

MeimiblogI remember watching the audition footage for S/mileage’s 2nd generation and I remember seeing Meimi and hoping she wouldn’t get it since I didn’t really like her singing she did there but guess who ended up joining S/mileage and also try to guess on who ended up loving Meimi a whole bunch anyway (me!) Meimi has such an amazing and beautiful voice and her singing is always like so good since she can hit various tones and pitches without much of a struggle. Her voice is like flawless~ Plus she has like the greatest energy and it’s also so fun to just watch her hop and jump around in performances.

#2Nakanishi Kana

KanablogKananan is just the most sweetest little person in like all of Hello! Project, and she improved so much over the years that her progress is really amazing! I’m also so happy that her vocals are being used more and more these days with the latest singles since she does have a really wonderful and deep voice that was never really used a whole lot before. I’m just so glad to finally see her shine more in singles~

#1Wada Ayaka

ayakablogThis really shouldn’t be too surprising if you’re a regular reader of my blog, but Dawa is my #1 girl in ANGERME and in all of Hello! Project. She’s my precious angel and I just love her so much! She really turned out to be a really beautiful young women, and she grew so much over the years. She’s really the greatest and I just love her. I don’t really have much else to say besides that so I’m just gonna leave it at that (lol).

aramajapan_2048139_201502040190769001423038174cThis has been my 2015 ANGERME ranking! I hope you guys enjoyed reading and please free feel to comment below telling me what you guys think! I’ll also leave the links below so you can see the previous S/mileage ranking I did back in 2012, also with the last ranking I did which was ℃-ute. The next I’ll do is Juice=Juice so please look forward to that (^^)!



Speaking of ℃-ute. please feel free to sign and share this petition to try and get ℃-ute to come to Canada too! Only a few more months until their concert in Mexico! I’m sure we can try our best to get them come here as well~

{ ute for Canada Petition }



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