Top ℃-ute Members (2015).

SetRatioSize670360-cute-single-18022015Since I’ve been loving ℃-ute more and more these days I feel like talking about my favorite members of this wonderful group! I’ve always really loved ℃-ute’s music but within these past six years of being fan I never really became attached to them as I am now. They even became my third favorite group in the current Hello! Project. I feel like my ranking of ℃-ute is always changing cause I just find all of them so quirky and so cute but as of right now my ranking as been pretty solid so I would like to share with you guys my favorite ℃-ute members.

#5Okai Chisato

o0540096013274936465Right now, Chisato is the one at the bottom of my list but that doesn’t mean I dislike her. I really like Chisato and I think she’s a very excellent and powerful performer. I think she has such an amazing voice and it’s really hard to ignore during her lives. She has a fun, loud and somewhat childish personality, but I really admire her most for her kindness towards her fans and family. She has some really great qualities that you really can’t help but notice, it’s just lately she doesn’t really shine out to me as do other members.

#4Nakajima Saki

tumblr_nrbo4x3od81qa6eh5o1_500I’ve always kinda liked Nakky, I think I liked a bit more back when I was a newer fan but after awhile I just kinda lost interest in her and I’m not really sure why. Back then and even now I think Nakky is just so darn cute and very beautiful, how I lost interest in her I have no clue but these days she’s really catching my eye once again. Nakky is a very great dancer, I think even one of the very best in Hello! Pro, and even though her vocals aren’t the strongest they’re still pretty great, so cute, and seem to really match her quite well actually. I think Nakky is just one of the cutest and most prettiest members out there and I do really like her.

#3Yajima Maimi

tumblr_nr9tib67kR1qa6eh5o1_500Maimi is right in the middle of my ranking. I really do love Maimi’s kind and caring personality, along with her little air-head moments. She seems like someone who would forget things easily and accidentally make clumsy mistakes, even with those qualities it’s not hard for me to really like her. I find her vocals not to be the greatest same with her dancing too, but she’s just so happy looking all the time and she always has a big smile on her face which is one of the major qualities that I really love about her. Plus no matter what, I always find her to look ever so beautiful like all the time, there is like no bad or unflattering pictures of her. She just looks so good all the time!

#2Suzuki Airi

tumblr_nr7ygob7141qa6eh5o1_500It wouldn’t really be ℃-ute without Airi now would it? Airi actually takes my #2 place in this little ranking of mine, and she really raised up to my top 10 members of Hello! Pro these past few months. Airi is just also so cute with her super adorable facial expressions, not only that but her performance game is always so strong! She has one of the best vocals within Hello! Pro and I also think she’s a pretty good dancer too. Since she’s mostly in front and center in singles and it’s not that hard to notice her, plus she’s just so charismatic during lives too. I just really love Airi~

#1Hagiwara Mai

tumblr_nnxs24iYPw1qz93v9o1_500Maimai being my #1 ℃-ute member is actually a pretty new thing for me. For a long time she was always near the bottom of my rankings in ℃-ute and in all of Hello! Pro, but I think it might have early this year where I kinda fell in love with Maimai almost out of nowhere. These days I just think she’s just one of the cutest little things out there! And I really love her fashion too, her choices in clothes just makes her look even more cute I find. Though she’s not really the best singer or dancer, and to be honest I think her dancing is a little more carefree compared to the other ℃-ute members and that use to bother a little but these days it doesn’t so much. As long as she’s trying her best, I can’t be mad at my baby Maimai (she’s only like year younger than me but she’s my ℃-ute baby). I just think she’s just the cutest thing lately and I just love her bunches!

Anywho! Here’s my little ℃-ute ranking. I was thinking of doing this a long time ago ever since I made my Morning Musume ’15 ranking but I just never really got around to it so here it is finally. I’m thinking of doing the Hello! Pro groups too, maybe sooner rather than later, so kinda look forward to those. I mean, you can kinda see who my faves in my ranking link above but here I talk about why I like a certain member and what my impressions of them are. I haven’t done these group rankings since about 2012 and a lot of groups are debuted or about to debut now so I think it’s time I do these now anyway.

If you want to check out my older ℃-ute  ranking or my recent Morning Musume ranking just click on pictures below and they’ll take you there  (*^^*)!



Also, please don’t forget about to sign and share this petition to hopefully get ℃-ute to come to Canada! We only need 77 more to reach 200!

{ ute for Canada Petition }



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  1. This could almost be written by me, with the exception that Airi is my number one and Maimai second. Also I haven’t really changed my thoughts on Maimai. Nice read! C-ute are great. ^^

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