ANGERME’s 19th Single “Nana Korobi Ya Oki / Gashin Shoutan / Mahoutsukai Sally” (MV’s)

Gashin Shoutan_01REAThe day has come that they finally uploaded the third and last MV of ANGERME’s 19th single “Nana Korobi Ya Oki / Gashin Shoutan / Mahoutsukai Sally” onto their official YouTube channel. Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts about these songs. I feel like it’s been quite a while since I’ve done MV reviews so hopefully I do alright (lol).

Nana Korobi Ya Oki

Song: The first song is Nana Korobi Ya Oki. To be honest with ya’ll, when I first seen this song being performed on Haro Sute from ANGERME’s Bukodan concert back in May I wasn’t really too fond of it. I thought the song and dance were both messy and all over the place and I wasn’t really liking it at first. I feel like it’s a dynamic song that has a bit of similar feeling that Otome no Gyakushuu has but this song in particular didn’t really suit my taste despite me really loving Otome no Gyakushuu. Only about two months has passed since I first heard this song and I feel like it’s already growing on me. I don’t find it to be as bad as I first thought it was anymore. I’m sure if more time passes I’ll end up really liking this song.

For the most part most of the members get their own solo lines, except Kanon, Rina, and Rikako. Those three girls actually just get the whispered lines of “Nana Korobi Ya Oki” and because of that, I’m guessing that that’s the reason why those three have their own little choreograph going on. I actually find all the members to really stand out this song, you can hear the great quality of their voices with the lines that they were given. I’m mostly love Meimi’s and Maho’s lines in this song.

nanakorobi2MV: I thought the MV was actually pretty good and has some nice effects. It’s cool to see the different choreograph that Kanon, Rina, and Rikako do slowed down a bit and in a sepia tone, it’s definitely a nice way to highlight them since they only got whispered lines. I also thought that the scenery seemed to really match the tone of the song since they have two all together dance shots where one is in front of a brick wall while the other is in front of a window, it’s quite simple but they way it looks makes the MV look quite elegant.

nanakorobi3Dance/Outfits: Like I kinda said before my first impression of this dance was messy and too all over the place for my liking, but I think it might have been just the lay out they did during the concert cause watching it now it isn’t all too bad. In the performance I’m pretty sure there was three groups of three who were doing their own dances but I think this dance looks much better when all the girls are together and not separated.

As for the outfits, they’re actually something from this single that I really liked from the start. I think they all look pretty good on each of the members, and makes them look a bit sophisticated. I really like the black lace on the skirts and I also really like how some girls have have a bit of a longer skirt while other girls have more of a shorter one. Looking at the picture above, I’m not really liking their shoes but I think everything else is on point.

Overall: Overall, I think once more time passes I think I’ll be more of a fan of this song but I think right now it’s definitely least favorite of the three new songs. I think I would give this song a 7.3 / 10. It’s just not up there for me quite yet.

Gashin Shoutan

Song: When watching this performance on Haro Sute too, I was also not really too sure on this song either. Since ANGERME is my all time favorite group in Hello! Project and I tend to really love all their songs, I was starting to feel a bit disappointed since I only really liked Mahoutsuakai Sally right off the bat. I like to say now that after watching the MV for Gashin Shoutan I just really fell in love with everything it has to offer.

I find Gashin Shoutan to have a similar feeling to Taiki Bansei, since it’s a really fun and positive song that’s also a bit catchy as well. I’m thinking since Taiki Bansei was a big hit, they’re trying another song with a similar vibe to get another a big hit from ANGERME (I hope it works too if that’s what they’re trying).

I really like how this song is sung, I don’t really know how to explain this very well but I find they sing with a bit of an accent and emphasis on a few words which sounds really great in this song. I’m sure if you watch the episode of Music+ with a few of the girls recording this song you might kinda get what I mean. I think it works really well for this song and I really love it.

nanakorobi4MV: The MV for Gashin Shoutan is quite bright, and full of whites and pastels. It’s a like total opposite compared to Nana Korobi Ya Oki, but I think the pastel look really works for Gashin Shoutan. I really love the backdrops for the close-up’s and background for the dance really looks like the set of TIKI BUN. I also really love the whole group playing around and making funny faces in the group close-up, it really reminded me of the days when S/mileage did that, they haven’t done that in a long time so I was very happy to see the girls just playing around like they usually did before. Plus the members all looked really beautiful and Meimi was definitely the one who stole my little heart in this MV.

nanakorobi6Dance/Outfits: The dance is a bit of an odd but very fun looking one, it also looks like there’s some similar moves from Choto Mate Kudasai’s dance. I think it’s a pretty cute dance and ANGERME does a pretty good job with making it look really fun and a bit easy to do. I can’t help but to mention that I really liked Kana’s and Maho’s little dance battle and Rina gets her own little dance break which is a bit surprising since Rina isn’t really known for her dancing due to the fact she does everything at her own pace and doesn’t waste a lot of energy much at all. It’s definitely a “way to go Rina” moment (lol).

As for the outfits I really liked their pastel look since all the girls look really good in their own outfits. Most of the girls wear skirts while there’s a few who wear pants or shorts but they all look great, there isn’t an outfit that I don’t like.

Overall: Overall, I think Gashin Shoutan might be my favorite song out of the three since it seems to really cheer me up whenever I listen to it. Right now I think I would give it a 9.1 / 10. I really do think it’s one of my most favorite songs of the year so far.

Mahoutsukai Sally

Song: Like I kinda said somewhere above, Mahoutsukai Sally was the only one out of the three songs that I loved straight away. It’s such a cute song with some really cute witches. This song is actually 3rd gen dominated while the 1st gen get the dialog lines. Both 1st gen and 2nd gen get the shared lines that follow the 3rd’s lines, which is mostly just saying “Sally” over and over. I thought it was really nice to see 3rd generation to get the spotlight for this single, they’re still only new but they’re getting much better treatment as new members compared to what the 2nd generation got when they first joined. It’s only been about four years since the 2nd generation joined S/mileage but they’re all finally getting more spotlight and lines (looking at you Kana and Rina, it’s about time they use your vocals more for singles).

The “Mahariku maharita yanbara yanyanyan..” lines that are often repeated in this song are actually pretty catchy and makes the song a lot more cuter than it already is, plus with the wide-eyed look they do for that part in the dance is just too adorable and highly amusing. I just really think this song is the bee’s knees, and I don’t think I could ever get over it’s adorableness.

nanakorobi7MV: The MV for this single is also just too cute for words. They have some really great sets for the dance, close-ups, and they even have some scenes of the girls doing some magic. The staff didn’t really do a good job at hiding the strings but despite that the magic scenes are still pretty good.

nanakorobi8Dance/Outfits: The dance really incorporates the witch theme really well, there’s quite a bit of dance moves that makes the girls look like they’re hiding brooms through the sky. There’s also another part of the dance that I really like and it’s when a few girls circle around one member and they bounce up and down, I think it’s super cute. I also really liked the connecting arm movement they do when Maho sings one of her lines.Β  I think this dance is all around good.

For the outfits, I know I’m using this word quite a bit but they’re also just too cute! I’m glad to see ANGERME get member color outfits since the last time they did that was with Choto Mate Kudasai and things have really changed since then. I really like how the outfits don’t really match with one another, they have all have different black or white accents like frills and bows, which both really makes the girls stand out a bit more. I’m still not too use to seeing Akari in blue and Dawa in red but I’m sure I’ll get use to their colors when more time passes though.

Overall: Overall, Mahoutsukai Sally is a type of song which ANGERME (S/mileage) hasn’t done in quite a while and I’m really happy to see them get a cute song such as this one. I think I would give this song a 8.6 / 10. I swear ANGERME’s cuteness would be the death of me. I just love them so much~!

Gashin Shoutan_03RECIn general, I think all three songs have really nice tones that are displayed really well in their MV’s. I hope this single does well on the charts and with sales. I’ve already ordered my copies quite a while ago along with Juice=Juice’s new album so I gotta wait long for them to come in. I also hope you enjoyed reading my little reviews of ANGERME’s newest single, please free feel to tell me what you think as well.

It’s release date it July 22nd.
Please order/buy your copies to help support ANGERME with their newest triple-a single “Nana Korobi Ya Oki / Gashin Shoutan / Mahoutsukai Sally

7 responses

  1. Personally, I found Mahou Tsukai Sally to the best in song and MV, but Gashin Shoutan was a close second. I have to agree with you on Gashin Shoutan being like Taiki Bansei, and didn’t seem Nana Korobi Ya Oki seem a little like Otome no Gyakushuu? It did to me a bit, being all dark and serious.

  2. I fully concur with you on all counts. Nana Korobi Ya Oki was dark and serious (a la Otome no Gyakushuu) while Gashin Shoutan was playful and fun ( a la Taiki Bansei. It wouldn’t surprise me of the title was another “four character idiom”).

    My favorite one, however, is Mahou Tsukai Sally. I loved it so much that I was unable to review it alongside the other two A-sides (I have a lot to say).

    Nice post overall!

    • Thanks! πŸ˜€ !!
      I think ANGERME has been getting some really great songs this year, I was a little worried about them at the beginning when they first changed their name but there’s no need to be. They’re singles have been all really great! I hope this single does just as well as Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu (*^^*)!

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