ANGERME Announces Audition for a 4th Generation.

c9Ts77pThere has been rumors of a 4th generation audition for ANGERME for a few days now that started out with instead of information about Natsuyaki Miyabi’s new group it was information about shin member audition for ANGERME, and today it turns out the rumor is indeed true. Announced today by Wada Ayaka herself on this week’s Haro Sute.

Though there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot information or details about it yet but it seems to be starting on July 2nd to August 18th, and the age range is from 10 to 17.

CF8NUs_UoAAJT0LIt’s definitely surprising to see ANGERME to get another audition for a 4th generation since the girls of 3rd generation haven’t even been in ANGERME for a whole year yet. Of course though, we were told to expect more generations and graduations from ANGERME since the name change and I guess with Fukuda Kanon’s graduation in November they might want somebody to fill the void she’ll leave behind.

Maro is definitely irreplaceable since she’s been there from the very beginning, and I’m sure Mizuki or Meimi would carry out her lines perfectly after she graduates. With new members coming so soon, I’m starting to get a little nervous for the other members. Kana and Rina are finally getting some more spotlight these days than they ever gotten before, and they barely squeezed out two singles from the 3rd gen.

kenshuuseiIf Hello! Pro Kenshuusei’s are to be added to ANGERME, I’m hoping for Kaga Kaede (Age: 15), Funaki Musubu (Age: 13), Takese Kurumi (Age: 16), Danbara Ruru (Age: 14), and Inoue Hikaru (Age: 14). Kaede has always been a favorite of mine so I’m really hoping for her debut, plus I think she might fit ANGERME’s image quite well.

Of course there some newer members of Hello! Pro Kenshuusei that were just added but right now I don’t really know much about them so I’m just gonna stick with the girls I do know for now, but all we know one of them could be added since Maho was only just added to the Kenshuusei program before debuting in ANGERME not long after.

CF8NUwdUoAALsbAEven though I’m a little nervous for the current girls, I’m also a little excited for the 4th generation audition. I really love ANGERME and I also really like when new girls come into Hello! Project or even when a Kenshuusei gets to debut so I’ll welcome the new girls with open arms for whoever gets to join this really wonderful group.


Feel free to tell me what you guys think about this announcement~
Also, I feel like I haven’t really been promoting the petition as much as I did in the beginning but don’t forget that there’s a petition to bring C-ute to Canada. Please sign and share~

{ ute for Canada Petition }


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