Shimamura Uta Withdraws from Country Girls and Hello! Project.

tumblr_nhrdmxgnKF1sl9t84o3_1280After some rumors that appeared yesterday about Uta sudden came to be, it has been officially announced today that she will be leaving Country Girls.

Here’s the comment from UFP’s representative Director:

Thank you for always supporting Hello! Project. This has become a sudden report, but we have to announce the midterm cancellation of Country Girls member Shimamura Uta’s contract.

Shimamura Uta, when Country Musume changed its namme to Country Girls, started performing with the group last November. And on March of this year she accomplished her major debut single with Country Girls.

After that, as during this time we had difficulty in the process of discussing her future with her family numerous times, including the matter of continuing her life with the idol group Country Girls, it has become obvious that we would not be able to complete our discussions. During this time, her family has said that they do not want her to continue, so as a result the management of our firm will be taking the responsibility to decide that her family’s wishes be proceeded with. As of this current time, her contract has reached the stage where it is to be cancelled.

For this reason, with the exception of Country Girls’ lead supervisor Mai Satoda, Country Girls will become a 5-person group. The remaining members have accepted that this has become reality, and have decided that they will work harder from now on.

For all of our fans who have become worried about this, we are extremely, very sorry that this has become a problem. From here on, we sincerely hope you will continue to support Country Girls.

Up-Front Promotions Representative Director, 大濱 稔

Though UP-FRONT LINK’s facebook group did translate it as well, this one is from H!O from the user Dan-chii due to the fact that it’s not so confusing to read.

tumblr_noj69u5WgO1unxj08o1_500I was getting a bit nervous concerning Uta since the rumors seemed pretty real. To see today that the rumors of her leaving are indeed true, it’s quite sad to see someone as cute and popular as Uta is to leave Country Girls and Hello! Project so soon. She wasn’t my top fave or anything but like many others I couldn’t help but to really like Uta. It’s really sad to see her leave so soon since Country Girls has only released one single so far but in whatever she decides to do with her life now, all I can do is wish for her to be happy and healthy.

Thank you for all your hard work Uta ♡

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In other news, congrats to C-ute with successful Yokohama Arena Concert! Please don’t forget to check out this petition to bring them to Canada! Please sign and share if interested~

{ ute for Canada Petition }



4 responses

  1. I am really sad about Uta-chan… I expected her to be an ace of H!P in the future… I really miss her adorable smile, but hope she enjoy her own life as an common girl. I cannot imagine how Momo feel sad…

    By the way, ℃-ute performance was really wonderful!

    • I’m really sad as well, and I think a lot of people expected her to be the ace since she was already so popular. I’m glad we got at least one single and her feature in the H!P 2015 winter concert so we can be forever reminded of her adorableness. I think all the members are pretty sad about this but I hope she finds happiness.

      I’ve seen some tv coverage of the ℃-ute concert on YouTube, it looked really good. I’m really excited to see the DVD (*^^*)! Plus the other three members of ℃-ute were there too!

  2. It’s honestly really sad to see someone so young, new and popular leaving early. She had a lot of potential and considering why she had to leave because of her family, there’s a good chance she didn’t want to leave and she is sad about it as well. I’ll support her in whatever she does.

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