Update on ℃-ute live concert in Canada Petition!

o0480036013286755395I have some great news about the petition for C-ute to come to Canada! We have just hit 100 supporters! I really appreciate everyone who has signed it so far ❤ !

Now because we hit 100 signatures, the next goal is to hit 200 signatures. Right there’s 102 supporters for the cause, we only need 98 more!

Also we need a convention of some sort in Canada to invite C-ute as their guest. If you live in Canada and know of a upcoming anime convention or something similar in the future, try to get that convention staff to ask for C-ute through the UP-FRONT LINK’s official Facebook page (here). They would also like to see more Canadians to like their page.

Let’s make this petition a reality!
I’m sure we can do as long as we keep trying!
Please share and sign this petition if you haven’t yet 🙂 !

{ ute for Canada Petition }



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