New Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Unit Called “Tsubaki Factory”

CDv6_-hWoAARNm6.jpg largeIt’s been surprising announced today that there will be a new Hello! Project unit from the Kenshuusei program called “Tsubaki Factory”. Members from left to right are Ogata Risa (Age 16), Niinuma Kisora (Age 15), Tanimoto Ami (Age 15), Asakura Kiki (Age 14), Yamagishi Riko (Age 16), and Kishimoto Yumeno (Age 15). It’s also been said that this group had been picked out by Shimizu Saki.

I’m extremely surprised about this announced, and I’m surprised they already have a name since it took awhile for Kobushi Factory to get their name. It’s also surprising to see another factory group, but I guess they’ll be a rival/sister group to Kobushi Factory. Looking at the ages of these girls the members of this group are a bit older than Kobushi Factory.

Putting the feeling of surprise aside, I’m quite happy since it’s another group to involve some of my most favorite Kenshuusei girls. I really wanted to see Risa, Ami, Kisora, Kiki, and Riko to debut and I’m happy they’re debuting together. Of course I’m still happy to see Yumeno along with them too. I’m excited to see how this group will work out to be, but as for now we’ll just have to wait and see. Congrats to the new group called Tsubaki Factory!



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