Juice=Juice Reaches #1 on the Oricon Charts!

rF2HfZsWith great luck Juice=Juice was able to reach #1 on the weekly Oricon charts selling 34,127 copies of their 6th single “Wonderful World / Ca va? Ca va?”

This is really great news for Juice=Juice! And it is the only other group ever since DEF.DIVA back in 2005 to get #1 besides Morning Musume. I’m very so proud of the girls for reaching #1 on the charts so early in their years, and it really goes to show that Juice=Juice has been doing really well ever since their debut.

Here are some photos of the girls celebrating their victory and an interview link at the bottom all from UP-FRONT LINK’s Facebook page.

11062337_862585087133743_568134305586380866_n 11150883_862733883785530_5410535243093771661_n q5p9Nki QsAotXK kE6ZApi{ Interview link }

Many congrats to the girls!
We are so very happy for you!
And I’m sure that Aina is very proud of you guys too!




{ ute for Canada Petition }


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