℃-ute CD Giveaway~! [NOW CLOSED]

IMG_4493To celebrate my 500th post (which is this entry) I will be doing a little giveaway! It’s not too much but I’ll be giving away a copy of C-ute’s “The Power / Kanashiki Heaven (single version)” to commemorate this milestone for this blog.

I’m very thankful for everybody who reads this blog and I do my very best to update this blog with Hello! Project news and my reviews of the newest singles, but here are some rules you must follow to be able to participate in this giveaway.

1) You must comment down below to enter. Commenting anywhere else does not enter you.
2) Please include your tumblr or facebook link so I can contact you and get a fast reply so I can send this gift off to you quicker.
3) If do not wish to include your tumblr or facebook link just make sure you check this blog on the deadline to see if you won or not. I will make a post on who won and will also reply to your comment if you win.
4) The deadline is April 12th 2015 at 8pm AST.

If you haven’t yet, please also sign this petition to get C-ute to come to Canada.

Cute for Canada


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