Juice=Juice’s 6th Single “Wonderful World / Ca va? Ca va?” (MV’s)

WonderfulWorld_01REBoth videos for Juice=Juice’s newest singles “Wonderful World / Ca va? Ca va?” are finally uploaded onto their official YouTube channel, and today I’m going to be sharing some of my thoughts about these new songs.

Wonderful World

Song: First off we have Wonderful World, which seems to more of a nice ballad with a relaxed melody. It’s really nice to see Juice=Juice to do this type of song now since they never really got to do this type of song before. It’s a nice change of pace. I think Wonderful World is a really nice song and I really do enjoy listening to it, the girls vocals sound really lovely and I just love the instrumental. I haven’t really listened it a whole lot quite yet but I’m sure within time this song really grow on me more. Though near the end of the song I find it sounds a whole new song is starting rather than ending which bothers me ever so slightly.

wonderful1MV: The MV has a very gorgeous set, and it looks to me to be some type of mansion. It’s very stunning and there just some really beautiful close ups of the girls. I also really love the natural lighting in this MV too, I really can’t get over how beautiful this MV is. Though I don’t really get the close ups with the clouds in the background, but in the end it still kinda matches the theme of the MV so I guess it’s still pretty good.

wonderful2Dance/Outfits: The dance for this song is very cute, and I think I really loved the spinning parts the most since they just match the melody perfectly. The dance doesn’t seem too complex, it really matches the tempo of the song quite well. As for the outfits, I don’t think they’re that bad. I think they’re pretty nice and I don’t have anything bad to say about them.

Overall: Overall I think Wonderful World is a splendid song, and like I said before it’s nice to see Juice=Juice to do this style of song since they don’t usually get ballad-like songs like this one. I think I would give this song a 8.2 / 10. Right now it doesn’t stick out to me a whole lot but I still think it’s a pretty good song.

Ca va? Ca va?

Song: When the radio rip came out for this song, I gave it a try but I was turned off by the dabada parts so I didn’t listen to the radio rip all the way. Though I should have gave this song more of a chance because listening to it now I seem to really love it. It sounds like a few older Hello! Pro songs which gives off a good nostalgic feeling, and I’m really loving the French that’s involved in this song. I’ve always loved how Juice=Juice gets the type of songs that have a different culture sound to it. I think my most favorite part of the song is the French speaking parts during the dance break.

wonderful4MV: The MV is another extremely beautiful and stunning one just like Wonderful World, but I think I like this MV more since I really like the outdoor scenery with the beautiful flowers. Though I think all the girls look really cute, Tomoko is the one who steals my attention since I think she just looks stunning.

wonderful3Dance/Outfits: I think the dance is definitely an interesting one but it’s also extremely cute. The Tomoko and Sayuki couple with Karin being jealous is just too cute. I really like this dance, though I’m quite surprised that Akari got the high kick in the dance break since Karin is usually the one who does the high kicks. I would think the spotlight would be more in the MV category but I thought that part was a really nice touch for the dance shots.

As for the outfits, I think they’re all quite nice. I’m quite a big fan of strips so I have no problems with these outfits. I might say that Yuka’s dress is definitely my favorite out of the five since I think it’s just so cute and it really stands out since everybody else is wearing a skirt.

Overall: Overall I think I should have gave Ca va Ca va more of a chance in the very beginning, but I’m proud to say that I really love it now. I think I would give this song a 9 / 10. It’s definitely my favorite out of the two.

WonderfulWorld_02REI think both songs for Juice=Juice’s newest single are really excellent and I really enjoy listening to them. Ca va Ca va is definitely the winner in my case but Wonderful World is still a real lovely song.

It’s release date is April 8th.
Be sure to help support Juice=Juice with their newest single “Wonderful World / Ca va? Ca va?” by buying/ordering your copies.


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