New Kenshuusei Unit Name is “Kobushi Factory”.

aramajapan_kobushi-factoryIt’s been finally announced that the new Hello! Pro Kenshuusei unit will be called “Kobushi Factory”! Here’s the Haro Sute episode where you can see the members reactions about their name.

Here’s translation of behind to meaning of their name (From 910 percent)

The name of the new unit of H!P has been announced.

The name is “Kobushi Factory”
“Kobushi” expresses our two wish for them;
“Be elegant like Kobushi flower”
“Be strong like the symbol of Fist”
(** The pronunciation of Kobushi flower and First are same)

The Kobushi flower (Magnolia kobus) tell us the coming of spring with white flowers. Tthe place of its origin is Japan)

The language of flowers are “Friendship” “Trust” “Welcome”

They will deepen their Friendship and Trust each other and aim to be the group who is be welcomed by a lot of people.

And “Factory” includes the spirit of “Berryz Kobo” goes on hiatus.
(**Kobo means Factory in Japanese)

Shimizu saki who is to be the “Hello!Project adviser” also participated the meeting to chose the name.

Kobushi Factory consists of 8 members; Fujii Rio(15) Hirose Ayaka(15) Nomura Minami(15) Ogawa Rena(14) Hamaura Ayano(14)Taguchi Natsumi(14)Wada Sakurako(13)Inoue Rei(13)
Except for Fujii, the others are Jr.high school students.
The moment they hear the name for the first time is uploaded on Hello!Station at 21 o’clock.

Kobushi Factory’s musical “Week End Survivor” starts at Big Tree Theater on March 26th
Their first DVD single song “Nen niwa Nen (In just case)/ survivor” are sold in the venue only.

tumblr_nhk38lEw7s1qclfimo4_1280It’s finally nice to have a name for this newly anticipated Hello! Project group! As for the name itself, I have no complaints about it, it’s totally fine in my books. I remember hearing the name for Juice=Juice for the very first time and I thought that that name was very odd, but with this group’s name I’m totally fine with it and I like the name quite a bit already. I’m very excited to see how this group turns out as the time goes by, I wish them the best of luck for their major debut!

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