Hello! Project GETS! (02-27-2015) 2015 Winter Photos & ANGERME CD’s.

getspicI kinda want to let people know that I’m back blogging regularly again since my internet is now back up, so I’m just gonna do a quick gets post to update you guys on my collection then other posts after this will mostly likely to be about Berryz Koubou since their indefinite hiatus is just around the corner.

The first thing that I want to share and talk about with you guys are my collection photos I got from the Countdown live and 2015 Winter concerts.

02-09-2015I also got a Shimizu Saki Countdown 2L set but I forgot to take a picture of it with these ones (xox)! But I made an unboxing video and you can see it in there, I’ll put the video at the end of this post (^^)!! I really love collection photos, I just really like the feeling of not knowing who you might get and since I really do love all the members of Hello! Project it doesn’t really matter on who I do get in the end. I’ve already gotten part 1 from the winter concerts so when part 2 came out I ended up buying some of those along with a few from the countdown live since they were still available at the time.

As you can see above from the countdown collection photos I got Zukki, Miya, Meimei, and Ozeki Mai then from the part 2 of the winter collection photos I got Haga Akane, Nakky, Ayacho, and Uta-chan (*^^*)!! I was very happy to pull a Dawa out of these things though since I tend to get everybody else but her so I got excited when I seen her cute little face (๑>ᴗ<๑)!!

The next thing that I wanted to talk about is this~

02-19-2015ANGERME’s 18th single “Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu”. I waited so long for these cds that it was kinda unbelievable (xox)! Usually I tend to get my EMS shipments within a week or so but it was in the middle of the third week since it got shipped that I was finally able to have these cds in my hands. It turns out that when we had a really bad snow storm here the mailman didn’t come of course, but he also didn’t leave me a deliver slip so my cds were at the post office the whole time and I didn’t even know until I got a notice from the post office saying that they were gonna send them back if I didn’t come get them within a few days, and of course after getting I zoomed to the post office to pick up my precious cds (´;Д;`)!

It really saddens me that I almost lost them and that the mailman didn’t leave me a slip (´;Д;`)!! But in the end I’m very happy that I was able to get them in the end even though it took a bit longer (T▽T)/!!

For my trading cards I got Takechan and Rinapuu (*^^*)!! I really like those girls so I’m gonna keep them of course but I also bought Dawa’s trading cards off of YAJ (*^^*)!!

Those are my dramatic goods stories, maybe they weren’t so dramatic since I live a bit of a humble life but the post office one was a bit dramatic to me (lol). I’m currently not waiting for anything right now but hopefully sometime next week I can finally order Sayumi’s graduation concert blu-ray since I’ve been trying to save up for it for a while now, plus I also want to pick a few new photos from e-line up but whatever comes next I’ll share my stories once again.

Anyway, here are my unboxing videos if anybody’s interesting in watching them (*^^*)!!

Bye bye~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ☆


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