ANGERME’s 18th Single “Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu” (MV’s)

TaikiBansei_03LAA few days ago the MV’s for ANGERME’s 18th single “Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu” were released on their official YouTube channel. I know I’m a bit late in the game for reviews but today I’ll take the time now to share my thoughts about these new songs.

Taiki Bansei

Song: First things first, this is an excellent song for ANGERME. It’s energetic, super fun and extremely catchy. It’s almost like a general S/mileage song which is great since it’s not much of a total change song wise since almost everything else changed (like members & colors). I’ve loved it from the very first time I heard it and I still love now. It’s a song that I’m singing almost everyday especially the “taiki bansei” parts.

I really love Ayaka’s and Mizuki power solo lines, I think they both did extremely with them and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The girls just usually just sing in threes with this song but those two solo lines were absolutely great.

taiki1MV: I don’t think there’s a lot really too great about the MV. It’s simple and nice but nothing really stands out to me set wise. The girls however are simply too stunning and I really like the newer members being shown off a lot in this MV rather them just being in the background like the last time S/mileage had newer members added (talking about you Tachiagirl!). I don’t dislike this MV but I also don’t really love it so I guess I’m a bit on the fence about this music video.

taiki2Outfit / Dance: As for the outfits, I like quite a lot of them that the girls are wearing but there’s a few that I’m not too keen on like Meimi’s overalls and Ayaka’s fur scarf thing but I like everybody’s outfits. My favorite outfits are Kana’s, Rina’s, and Kanon’s. I wasn’t too sure about Rikako’s outfit at first but it matches her quite well actually so I don’t mind it too much now. As for the dance, I think it’s pretty simple as well, but I really love the little dance battles the girls do. It’s fun to watch and I just love watching this dance.

Overall: Overall I really love Taiki Bansei’s fun sound and catchy lyrics. I think I would give this song a 8.7 / 10.

Otome no Gyakushuu

Song: The song has a very dark and haunted vibe and sound to it which is totally different from any other Hello! Project song that I’ve ever heard. Sometimes change is good and in this case it’s very good. It’s nice to hear the girls of ANGERME to do something totally different from their usual songs. I really love how they harmonized Kana’s deeper vocals with girls that have higher vocals to create that unique vocal sound that they have made. To be honest, I haven’t really listened to this song too much recently compared Taiki Bansei but each time I’m amazed about this song.

taiki4MV: The music video for this video is just as great as the song. They’re in a castle and the shots and screens of the girls in this video are amazing and so stunning. I also heard that this is the same castle from Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess, which is pretty cool to see a different spot of the same beautiful castle.

taiki3Outfit / Dance: I really love the white dresses that everybody wears, it’s classy and it’s so nice. These girls are truly the vampire princess in this song. The dance is a bit unique if I have to say but it’s structured very well and it matches the tone of this single. I really love the part near the end where they’re dancing in a circle while singing “lalalala” it’s probably my most favorite part of the dance.

Overall: Overall I think I’ll come to like Otome no Gyakushuu more and more as the time goes by. I think I would give this song a 8.9 / 10.

TaikiBansei_04LBI really love both of the songs this time around which is a bit shocking since with the previous singles I only ended up one of the songs more than the other but with this single both singles are extremely amazing in their own different and unique ways. As of now I really love Taiki Bansei but I see the potential in Otome no Gyakushuu that it just might become one of my favorites near the end.

It’s release date is February 4th 2015.
If you like this single just as much as I do, be sure to buy and order this single to help and support ANGERME with their newest single.

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