Mission Complete!

signIf you guys remember, I made a new mission for myself back in April 2012 which was to collect all the versions of very S/mileage CD. Well now in 2015, three years later, I can finally say that my little mission is now complete!

During the years I’ve just settled down for just collecting at least 2 copies of very S/mileage CD, while any other single that features her I only have one copy of. Here is my whole Wada Ayaka CD collection.

CDJ1 CDP2 CDP3Now that this mission is done, I’m definitely going to focus more on ANGERME and make sure I get every release. I also have other Hello! Project acts that I need to collect CD’s from. If anybody wants to check out my wishlist, it’s right here.

Also I’m really sorry that it’s been a bit quiet from me these past few days but my internet is currently disconnected, but I will try to still post as much as I can! Please look forward to it!

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