Favorite Newcomers of 2015!

hpIt’s been quite awhile since I’ve made a post, well to me it feels like forever since my last one so right now I’m gonna just do a little quick one to talk about my favorite Hello! Project newcomers since a bunch were added so far in 2015. There’s 20 new girls that’s been added in Morning Musume ’15, ANGERME, Country Girls, plus the newest Kenshuusei unit. I’ll be taking about my top 5 favorite newcomers. Of course there’s a few of them that I don’t really know about yet since they’re just new but based on what I’ve seen these days these are my top 5.

#5 – Shimamura Uta (Country Girls)

tumblr_nhrdmxgnKF1sl9t84o3_1280When I first seen Uta on Haro Sute when Country Girls were being informed about their formation I wasn’t too sure about Uta at the time. She wasn’t very expressive and I was confused by her own confusion. Now though that I see her adorable pictures from the 2015 Winter concerts and the official photos, she totally won me over and like most other fans I am head over heels for this cutie!

#4 – Yamaki Risa (Country Girls)

Yamaki Risa-518502I’ve always been quite fond of Risa since her Kenshuusei days and now that she’s debuting I can’t help love her lots more than I did before. I find her to be more mature than her other Country Girls members and I think she’s pretty close to being a pro. I find she’s not so shy and she communicates with her seniors really well which I can’t help but to really like.

#3 – Taguchi Natsumi (New Kenshuusei Unit)

Taguchi_Natsumi-509477It’s only been recently that I’ve took an interest in Natsumi and I’ve been ever so happy since it’s been announced that she’s going to debut. She’s just so tiny and so cute, I think she sings and dances really cute too. It’s really hard not to love this one.

#2 – Aikawa Maho (ANGERME)

Aikawa Maho-516494Maho is definitely one of the most mysterious for me since she was a new Kenshuusei for only a couple months before being put into ANGERME but there’s something about her that pulls me towards her. I don’t really know much about her yet and I never really seen her perform but I do really like her, and she already made it in ANGERME favorites.

#1 – Ogawa Rena (New Kenshuusei Unit)

ogawa-rena-512274I absolutely loved Rena when she was a Kenshuusei and I’m extremely happy that my favorite Kenshuusei is going to debut. I think she has a very strong singing voice, she dances quite well and I think she’s just so cute. I really love Rena and I’m so excited for her debut with the new unit.

So that’s been my top 5 favorite newcomers in Hello! Project that I’m feeling very hopeful for. Other girls that I really like but didn’t make it on my list are Hamaura Ayano, Inaba Manaka, Nomura Minami, and Murota Mizuki. Right now I’m not too sure about the Morning Musume 12th gen but I do like them I just don’t really have a favorite quite yet.


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