Hello! Project GETS! (01-06-2015) Holiday Goods~

getspicHello everybody! I just wanted to do a little gets post to talk about my recent Hello! Project gets that I got over the holidays. I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday season!

Over the holidays I’ve gotten quite a lot of idol things, but it’s pretty much last of my bigger hauls since I really need to cut down on my idol spending. The first picture below are the things I got from Santa-san (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

12-25-2014I got 2 blu-rays, one is S/mileage’s 2014 Nippon Budokan concert and Morning Musume’s 2009 Nine Smile concert. I got the regular versions of Morning Musume’s 11th album “Fantasy! Juuichi” and C-ute’s “Momoiro Sparkling” and “Kono Machi”, then the limited A version of Morning Musume’s “Wakuteka Take a Chance”, then the last things are S/mileage’s 3rd photobook and 2 Berryz Koubou outfit keychains (Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba & Otakebi Boy WAO!).

Most of the things I got are from CDJapan (which is always so wonderful and great to get most of your idol goods from), while the keychains are from the web store of the Hello shop through tenso.com. Surprisingly the Morning Musume album came with a trading card despite it being released in 2011, but I was happy to find it in the case. I swear I thought I got 3 keychains, one was Be Genki <Naseba Naru!> but it must have got lost somewhere in the process of my mom hiding them on me (゚´Д`゚)゚!! It’s alright I guess, I have plenty already ( ´△`)!

12-29-2014Then here are my last goods of 2014 which include Shimizu Saki’s 23rd birthday t-shirt, 2L photo sets of Shimizu Saki, Natsuyaki Miyabi, and Sugaya Risako. Along with a group L set of Morning Musume ’14 from the GIVE ME MORE LOVE concert tour, and 6 S/mileage outfit keychains (Yume Miru 15, OO Ganabarakutemo Eenede!, Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama, Shortcut, Please Mini-skirt Postwomen, and Dot Bikini).

The photos and t-shirt are from e-line up while the keychains are again from the hello shop which I used through tenso. Since Captain is one of my most favorite members I really wanted to get her birthday t-shirt since it might be her last since Berryz Koubou is going on their indefinite hiatus on March 3rd (╥﹏╥)!!

I also felt like that I should get photos of my top three Berryz Koubou members, I have photos of Captain and Risako but none of Miyabi so it was kinda of a must need for me, plus the sets were just too cute to pass up. As for the group set of Morning Musume ’14, I was sad about Sayumi’s graduation so I wanted to get just one last set with her in it. For the S/mileage keychains, I thought I tried to order them a long time ago but it turns out I didn’t even put in the order so I had to try again but this time I got all of them instead of only a few of them, that was the only group I was missing with my keychain collection (´°ω°`)!

Like I said before these are probably my last big hauls for now, I’ve ordered a few new things but I think that they’re smaller and not so expansive orders. I really need to save up but buying idol things has become a bit of an addiction for me these past months, but I’ll try to do unboxings/gets post whenever I get something that’s worth sharing with you guys (´ω`★)!!

Bye bye~

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  1. Oh, I’ve just found your blog! I need to update my blogroll *adding this blog* 🙂 I see that you have mine as well I feel so silly for not having yours ><
    Congrats on your haul! SO jelly :O Those keychains look amazing! Any girl can wear them. S/mileage are easier to wear than ANGERME will be ==

    • Ah thank you for adding mine (*^^*)! And that’s just fine XD! & thanks :3 !! I’m sure ANGERME will get just as awesome keychains too, in time though (^^)!

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