S/mileage’s New Group Name is ANGERME.

10565069_733784206705837_2089427095852160565_n_zpsec29ea72It’s been announced today that S/mileage’s new group name is now ANGERME. It was Nakanishi Kana’s idea and it comes the French words “Ange” and “Larme” which translates to “Angel” and “Tear” in English. It’s also been announced that their first single is titled “Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu” which will be released on February 4th of 2015. Other information about the single is that it’s not written by Tsunku.

I was a bit surprised about the new name since it’s now ANGERME and I was thinking that the group graduates from the smiles and now are angry. After hearing the explanation, the name makes more sense and the way it’s said by the girls “Anjurumu” isn’t so bad as saying ANGERME so I guess it isn’t really a bad name after all. The girls aren’t anger at all, they just turned into sad angels. It’ll take some time to get use to the new name and new look but I’ll  love this group just as much as I loved S/mileage. I’m excited to see how they’ll do and I wish ANGERME all the best!

Here’s the newest episode of Hello Station with the announcement

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