Michishige Sayumi’s Graduation.

sauThe time has come for our beloved leader of Morning Musume ’14 to graduate from Morning Musume ’14, Hello! Project and to retire from the entertainment industry for a while. Since I have some time today I’m writing this post just in case I don’t have time on her graduation date.

Recently I’m starting to become really sad as Sayumi’s graduation comes closer day by day. Sayumi has always been one of my favorite Hello! Project members ever since I started to get into it about five years ago. Sayumi just always looked so cute all the time, and even though she’s pretty weak at singing and her dancing doesn’t really stick out, I just couldn’t help but to love her. To me it just always seemed that she tried her hardest and her best despite not being as good as other members, and sometimes idols having a pure and caring heart is sometimes better than having really good talents.

img20090825230409I never wanted this day to come. The last remaining Platinum Era member to graduate, that thought just makes me really sad. When I got into Morning Musume I always thought that Linlin would be the leader as time went by, but I was proved wrong and learned that graduations don’t happen in generation order as I thought they did in the beginning, they happen whenever the girl or management think it’s the right time for them to. But in the end I’m glad that Sayumi was the last remaining one to continue on as other Platinum Era members graduated. As newer generations came and Sayumi became the leader, I believe that she kind of led them back in the spotlight.

Hello_Project-489535It’s probably not all her doing but Morning Musume hasn’t been doing this good in a long time. I’ve always been proud to be fan of Morning Musume (and Hello! Project), but I’m glad that they’re getting more fans and selling a lot more than use to during these past few years. It really feels good to see them doing so well these days. And I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel happy for them.

I’m also very happy to hear that Sayumi will be graduating at Yokohama Arena, which was the same arena where Kamei Eri, Junjun and Linlin graduated at back in 2010. Sayumi really deserves to have a big venue for her last concert, not only she is one of the most popular Hello! Project members and holding the record for the longest time being in Morning Musume, but in the end everybody really loves and adores Sayumi. She may been known for her sharp tongue and narcissist character, and may have been hated from her tv appearances but I find that she really changed during the years and becoming leader, she really cares for the other members and became more reliable. I really hope she gets to love and support that she deserves for her last concert.

c71d3704I really love Sayumi and I’m going to miss her so much in Morning Musume and Hello! Project. To me she was definitely one of the most iconic members in Hello! Project. I think I’m going to miss her just as much as I miss Mano Erina (I’m still not over Mano Erina’s graduation and it’s been almost 2 years now). In the end, I’m so glad to actually meet this girl who I adored for so long. She’s extremely cute and kind in person, I really wish her the best in whatever she decides to do with the remaining years of her life. I’m thankful and so grateful for Sayumi. It’s been really great to watch over her these past few years. Even though she’s leaving us, I’m thinking that she’ll have more time for her family and to visit her hometown more often, and she probably gets to play with Eri a lot more now. It’s sad to see her go but I’m kinda happy that she’ll have time to be with the people she loves most, and I guess I feel some closure with that in mind.

To end this post, here are some of my favorite performances from Michishige Sayumi, along with my Sayumi collection.


tumblr_mym4ahhDEA1qb43fzo1_500ありがとう さゆみ!


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