C-ute’s 26th Single “I miss you / THE FUTURE” (MV’s)

DHbfnS4lThe MV’s for C-ute’s newest single “I miss you / THE FUTURE” is now up of their official YouTube channel, so today I’m gonna share some of my thoughts and impressions about these two songs.

I miss you

The Song: Like most songs during the year, I really loved this song after only listening to the radio rip once. I just really like how everybody is singing something different but in the song it doesn’t sound like a mess or anything, it blends together really well. I like the feel of this song, it kinda has a cool and chic feel to it, plus a splash of a mature feeling. It’s also a very catchy song with all the I miss you’s. It tends to get stuck in my head during some point during my day. When I first heard this song I liked how they put “I asked myself” but I first thought it was just “I ask myself” and I was bit surprised to see that it’s “asked” It kinda made sense with just ask but you can’t really hear the ed in asked.

For some reason I really like Maimi’s lines. I don’t really have a favorite in C-ute but I really love how Maimi sounds in this song. I think I like her a lot more now, I might actually have a favorite C-ute member now. I also really love Airi’s solo lines around the two minute mark of the song. Airi sings really good already but I found that she sound even more amazing in this song with her solo lines. Everybody sounds really great in this song if you ask me, even Mai and Nakky even though you can’t really hear them that much. I just really love this song.

missyou2The MV: The MV is also very cool and chic, and it matches the feel of the song. It’s really cool how the members are walking around in different places in a house but end up meeting up with each other at the right time to dance then continues to walk around the house. I’m just thinking that it must took a lot of practice runs through the house to get it right and walk to the right place. That just gives the girls a lot more to remember along with the lyrics and dance. It turned out really nice though so I give it two thumbs up for the really cool location and scenery.

It’s probably just in the promotional edit but the lyrics are just everywhere. Even though it’s really cool to hear everybody sing something different but I guess it’s more complicated when it comes to the lyrics. The lyrics are just popping up everywhere, it’s kinda distracting and hard to keep track of when everybody is singing their own lines.

missyou1The Dance/Outfits: In the MV you don’t really see much of the dance, you see it in like two different places but it’s only brief and there could be really cool parts of the dance but we won’t see until the girls sing this live or we get the dance shot. Plus with the scenes with get nothing really stands out and it’s just pretty basic moves we’re seeing. At the end though, we see a pose that looks like then ending pose of Adam to Eve no Dilemma. The outfits are quite nice though and we see a lot of them during the MV. It’s very chic clothing to go along with the chic song I guess. The outfits are pretty casual but I really love Airi’s and Maimi’s outfits.

Overall: Overall and just in general I really like this song. It’s a really good and perfect song for C-ute and they deliver it really well. I couldn’t really ask for a better song, this one is just really great the way it is. I think right now I would give it a 9.2 / 10.


The Song: I think THE FUTURE sounds really cool and a bit rockish too with a little mix of EDM. I really like the sound and feel of this song, it’s a song that’s kinda like Love take it all and Crazy Kanzen na Otona. Those are some of my favorite C-ute singles so I’m really liking THE FUTURE so far. To be honest, I didn’t listen to this song too much when it’s radio rip and it’s preview came out on Hello Station. I think I would need some time to really like this song, I mean I like it now but I would like to listen to it more to really think about it. I think it’s a really great song right now though but I think I could love it more as time goes by.

Right now my main thoughts of this song is that I really love the instrumental of it. It’s definitely a type of sound that I like listening to the most. If THE FUTURE reminds me of my two of my C-ute singles then I’m sure I’ll end up really loving this song. I’m not really sure if I’m following the lyrics right or not but it seems to me that the lyrics “THE FUTURE” kinda comes out of nowhere, same with the WOW’s. That could just be me though. Everything else sounds really amazing and Chisato’s high note at the end is really good.

missyou3The MV: I think out of the two songs I think THE FUTURE has the better MV. There’s no blue frames and the lyrics aren’t popping up everywhere in THE FUTURE. Instead we get this really cool bubbly effect during the most of the MV, and we have some really amazing sparks in the background of the dance and close-ups. I don’t really get what the mirrors are for but it still looks really cool. I find this MV is more visually appealing with all the really cool effects.

missyou4The Dance/Outfits: I really like how we see more of the dance in this MV, and I really like how cool and on point the dance is. I shouldn’t be too surprised though since C-ute tends to get the really cool, amazing, and harder dances in Hello! Project. They’re definitely the dancing queens in H!P. I can’t really pinpoint my most favorite move of the dance since I really like the whole dance. It’s a great dance for this song I don’t really have anything to pick at and complain about in this one (I don’t think I complain too much about H!P anyway). As for the outfits, they’re also really cool and they look really great in the MV. I really like how futuristic they look since which matches their song perfectly.

Overall: Overall I think THE FUTURE is pretty cool and I’m liking it a lot so far but I think I would need more time to love it more which I mentioned before. Right now, I think I would give THE FUTURE a 8.9 /10.

THjLz9zlI’m pretty happy with both songs and I’m glad C-ute gets another really awesome double-a side single since “The Power / Kanashiki Heaven (single version)” was really great too. I’m excited to see how this single does on the Oricon charts and how much it sells. I think they’re both really good songs and C-ute does a perfect job with both of them. I kinda hope the live versions of these songs are really great too. I kinda wish I pre-ordered more copies of this single since I just ordered the regular versions but I’m sure this song will do well and plus I kinda need to stop spending so much on H!P.

It’s release date is November 19th.
Be sure to buy/order your copies of C-ute’s 26th single “I miss you / THE FUTURE” if you want to help and support them with their newest single.

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