Top 15 Favorite S/mileage Songs.

smileage-3rd-genToday I kind of feel like talking about my top S/mileage songs. Since S/mileage is changing with the new members and the new group name which will be announced next week on October 31st, I really love and cherish S/mileage dearly and of course I don’t want them to change their name. Even with that though, it can’t be helped since it’s already been decided that that’s what they’re going to do. I’m still going to support the new name of the group but today I just want to talk about my favorite songs by S/mileage to have a bit of some closure of the name S/mileage. Anyway, here are my top 15 S/mileage songs!

#15Ee ka!?

EekaiiyatsuLEAEe ka is one of the newer singles that was only released in December of 2013. What I really love about Ee ka, is that it has a fun sound to it. It’s upbeat and energetic. I kinda of reminds me of older S/mileage releases but I find Ee ka to have more of a retro sound to it. I’ve always really liked Ee ka. The outfits are a bit revealing if you ask me but at the same time I really like them. S/mileage’s trademark use to be their short skirts and nice legs, with these outfits they really hit their trademark. I really enjoy listening to Ee ka, and it really pumps me up.

#14Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!

OtonaniNarutteMuzukashiiOtona ni Narutte Muzukashii has always been one of my favorite S/mileage songs. It’s a very cute song and it’s MV’s is one of my all time favorite Hello! Project MV’s. With the indie singles I was kind of disappointed with their 2nd and 3rd indie singles after the 1st and I was feeling a bit unsure if I really liked S/mileage and their songs but the release of their 4th indie single, my love for them came zooming back. I really love this song, it’s just so cute and such a fun song to listen to.

#13aMa no Jaku

indexNow, my list would be totally incomplete if I didn’t have their first ever indie single “aMa no Jaku” included. It was the very first S/mileage song I ever heard and at the time it was pretty much the only S/mileage song out there. I really fell in love this song on pretty much my first listen of it. Right now in this day and age, this song feels more nostalgic for me. Mostly because S/mileage changed so much since their formation and hearing them sing this song with only two of the four original members it’s actually a bit sad to see. But even with that, I really love this song.

#12Otona no Tochuu

ImagegwhkwvdiskOtona no Tochuu is a faster pace than usual S/mileage songs and to me this song could have easily a C-ute album song but luckily it was made for S/mileage and it definitely works really well for them. I pretty much like all the songs from their 2nd album “2 Smile Sensation” and I think it’s the better album compared to their first album. All the songs are really great but I would have to say that Otona no Tochuu is best one on that album (excluded the singles). It’s an extremely fun song and also reminds me a type of song that would be on Dance Dance Revolution, since I use to play that a lot when I was younger.

#11Yume Miru Fifteen

YumeMiru15saiCoverI can still remember the day that the CM preview of S/mileage major debut single surfaced on the internet. I remember saying to myself that it was a pretty cool and good song with just watching the CM preview. After finally watching the full MV, I loved this song and it was my absolute favorite S/mileage song during their early days. I still really love and enjoy listening to this song but S/mileage released so much more after their 1st single and I become to love other singles and songs a bit more than Yume Miru Fifteen.

#10Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hakugumu

tumblr_n99iwev7H01txona8o5_500Even though this is one of S/mileage’s recent single and at first I wasn’t really sure if I liked this song or not, listening to all of the tracks on the maxi CD and hearing Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hakugumu really amazing instrumental, it definitely helped me like this song a lot more than I did at first. I’m still not a huge fan of the red outfits but I really do love the MV and song so they kinda even things out. This is just really cool with a really great instrumental.

#9Choto Mate Kudasai

CMKREGULARI feel like Choto Mate Kudasai is song that fits perfectly to S/mileage’s sound and MV displays the girls personalities quite well. I find Choto Mate Kudasai to be an extremely fun and cute song, and the girls really sound like they have fun singing this song too. I really love Choto Mate Kudasai and I don’t think I ever complained about because I enjoyed it so much from when I first heard it. Plus all of the girls sound really well in this song even though it’s a difficult song to sing with all the changes in pitch and tone. They do extremely well in this song.


Smileage_-_Shortcut_RegThe song that overthrew Yume Miru Fifteen as my favorite S/mileage single was Shortcut. I really loved Shortcut when it was released and I still continue to really love it now. It’s a very cute and perfect song for S/mileage. It’s a song I never get sick of listening to, I just really love how cute and adorable of a song that Shortcut is.

#7Please Miniskirt Postwomen

POSTWOMANCOVERREGULARTo be honest even though I really like Please Miniskirt Postwomen I tend to kinda forget about this single. This song reminds me of the Christmas time and drinking White Hot Chocolate from Tim Horton’s, and I think that’s why I don’t really listen to this single much, it reminds me of Christmas and I enjoy listening to this song more during the last few months of the year. Listening to this during any other time during the year, I don’t tend to enjoy as much as I enjoy this song during the winter time. It sounds like a bit of a dumb reason but I do really love this song. I even bought all copies of this single to support Yuuka since it was her graduation single. I save listening to this song until near the winter time because that’s when I’m the happiest and this song fits better with that happy and Christmas-y feeling.


20110906_smileage_tachiagaaru-1-600x527Tachiagirl is another S/mileage song that makes me happy and brings my spirits up if I’m ever feeling low. Please Miniskirt Postwomen makes me happy for the holidays while Tachiagirl just makes me happy on any day at any time. It always felt like that too ever since this song was released. I use to be a bit bitter that the new sub-members at the time didn’t get any lines and were pretty much just background dancers for the original S/mileage members but after awhile I really warmed up to this single and I wouldn’t have this song any other way. I now think it’s perfect the way it is.

#5Aa Susukino

tumblr_n99iwev7H01txona8o3_500Another recent single in my top songs but it can’t really be helped. I find Aa Susukino to be a really great song and it’s definitely one of my favorites during the course of the year. Even though it’s more mature compared to the usual S/mileage songs, it’s still a really great song. I can relate to the lyrics and I really like listening to this song. It has a great instrumental and the dialogue’s by Ayaka and Rina are a really nice touch to this song.

#4Ii Yatsu

EekaiiyatsuLEBIi Yatsu is another mature song from S/mileage on my list. From the first listen I didn’t think I would like this song very much, but it actually turns out to be a really awesome song. This song also reminds me of the holidays, the girls even look like they’re going to attend a Christmas party of some sort and they’re singing about presents too (actually for their birthday rather than Christmas, but still). The look of this single gives me a bit of a spoiled princess vibe, but that’s definitely the charm it.

#3Kiroii Jitensha to Sandwich

Smilebestreg1Kiroii Jitensha to Sandwich has always been one of my favorites mostly because of it’s cuteness and the little random lines that are said mostly after someone sings a line. It’s definitely of my most favorite factors in this song. I think without the little random lines I think I could have still liked this song but I find that it’s the little random lines that really make me love this as much as I do now. Plus watching the live performance for this song on one of their concerts is really fun to watch.

#2Dot Bikini

896I’m not sure if much people are going to take me seriously if I say that Dot Bikini is my second favorite S/mileage song ever, but it is so believe it! I’ve always loved this song and this the S/mileage that I was impatient for the most! With just hearing the title of this song I got extremely excited and when it finally came I was not disappointed and I loved every little thing about this single. It’s shame that not much people like this song, along with Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, but they’re definitely my favorites and I’m not going to have anyone convince me otherwise. I just love and absolutely adore Dot Bikini so much!

#1Samui ne

samuineregularAnd with that, my number one favorite S/mileage song is Samui ne. Back then I thought that Samui ne was a perfect song that really displays the girls wonderful vocals and beauty really well. Now whenever this song comes up on my phone or laptop, it gives me the most wonderful feeling. It’s like “Ah, Samui ne” and I feel happiness. I just find everything about this single to be extremely beautiful and wonderful. If you ever wondered what Chia’s favorite S/mileage song was since I’m a pretty big fan of them, it’s Samui ne. I’m not sure what you can do with that trivia but it’s there and now you know. Plus it’s another song that reminds me of Christmas.

blog, Fukuda Kanon, Katsuta Rina, Nakanishi Kana, S mileage, Takeuchi Akari, Tamura Meimi, Wada Ayaka-372639I hope you enjoyed or somewhat liked reading this little song ranking of mine, if you want please let me know what your favorite S/mileage songs down below in the comments.

I’m not at all excited for the new group name, and I kinda feel like the S/mileage members when it was announced they would have an audition. The feeling of just not wanting it. But I think it might be better for S/mileage now since they’re starting to reach a different sound and image. I’m really excited about the newer members though and I really can’t wait to see them in action. I just really hope the best for S/mileage with their new group name and new members. I’ll still continue to support them as best as I can since they are my favorite group and a name change isn’t really going to affect my feelings for them as a group.

I’m really grateful of S/mileage and I’ve always been so proud of their accomplishments during the years. Because of S/mileage, I’ll forever keep my smile. Thank you S/mileage!

picture2life_33919_original2With 4 indie singles, 17 major debut singles, 2 albums and 1 best of album. The group S/mileage will always be in my heart and I’ll never forget the hard work the “S/mileage” members did for the group. Because of this group, I’ll forever keep my smile. Thank you S/mileage! I wish you the best of luck with the new group name and members ❤!!

3 responses

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  2. S/mileage is the best group of H!P for me, I love all the members (even if Ayacho is my kamioshi haha!).
    All of their songs are greats! But my number 1 stay “Yume Miru 15sai” ♥
    The part “IYAFON de” is absolutly awesome, fans scream this line together, it’s totally MA-GI-CAL!
    “Ii Yatsu” is a beautiful song, in live she is perfect, Ayacho have a beautiful voice for ballads!!
    First time I have heard this song in live, I got chills!!!
    S/mileage is the best in live, they are strong (for the Nippon Budokan concert I cried so much!!!).
    I was so sad when I heard that the group would have a new name… so much people said, “Maro and Ayacho will leave se group soon!” It’s horrible!!
    But I had confidence in them! And there is not very long, Ayacho said she would stay !!
    I was sure! I knew it was not the moment.
    Sorry if my english is bad, I am french!

    • Yes~! Ayacha is my kamioshi too~ ❤ !! Her voice is so wonderful in ballads like Cabbage Hakusho and Samui ne, they are my favorite ballads she sings. S/mileage is my favorite group in H!P too ❤ !! I haven't watched anything from their Nippon Budokan concert yet since I want to see the concert in full. I pre-ordered it, but I have to wait until Christmas since it's going to be one of my gifts (;o;)!! It's going to be a long wait baha XD !! I'm sure Ayacho and Kanyon will stay in the group as long as they can, I have hope for it 🙂 !! And you're english is quite good 🙂 !!

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